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Student Life

Q: What academic support services are available to students?

A: We offer several academic support programs:


Q: Where do Touro Law students live? 

A: Touro Law Center is located in a suburban area east of New York City. For those students who would like to live close to the law school, there is a wide variety of housing options, ranging from apartments and condominiums to single-family homes

Q: Does the Law Center assist students in finding housing?

A: Yes. The Office of Admissions at Touro Law maintains a Housing Information Network to keep students informed of local rentals and of the names of other students wishing to house-share. Any questions, please e-mail

Q: Is there parking on-campus?

A: Yes. There is ample parking in well-lit lots right next to the Law Center.

Q: Is there a charge for parking?

A: No. Parking is free of charge for all students and visitors.

Q: Does Touro Law provide day care/child care on campus?

A: No. To find quality child care on Long Island, please feel free to contact the Child Care Council of Suffolk County (631.462.0303 or 631.462.0444) or the Child Care Council of Nassau County (516.358.9250 or 516.358.9288).