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Global Workplace Law & Holocaust and the Law


This ABA-approved program will consist of courses, supplemental lectures and tours, including a bus tour of Berlin and an English-speaking tour of the German Parliament. Students can also go on an optional tour of a German concentration camp.

One of the goals of the summer program is to afford participants the opportunity to better understand how conflicts and gross mistreatment of individuals and groups arise and develop; and how lawyers and the legal system can protect these individuals, promote justice and work towards preventing and resolving disputes in a peaceful way.


Berlin is a city of major importance in the history of war and peace.  It is the new capital of Germany and of major importance on the European and world stage. The city is full of art galleries, great museums, theaters, music and new architecture. There is an exciting and vibrant night life. Numerous connections link Berlin to all parts of Europe.

Touro Law Center reserves the right to modify or cancel a program for reasonable cause, including but not limited to insufficient enrollment, severe political instability, or any serious condition that may threaten the safety of the students. If a program is cancelled, any money paid to Touro by a program participant will be fully refunded within 20 days, except for room and board and transportation payments utilized prior to the date of cancellation; Touro will endeavor to help each enrolled student attend a similar program, if the student so desires.