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On the Docket - Podcast Series
Touro Law launched a podcast series hosted by members of the faculty and administration. Topics included a broad list of categories from student focus to interviews with international, national and local leaders.

An Insider's Guide to the Law School Application


Sarah Lamdan - Environmental Information Access


Christine Stone - Women Lawyers And Entrepreneurship


Robert Heverly - Law & Policy of Human Augmentation


Tanya Hernandez - Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession


Lillian Speiss and Stephanie Juliano - Tips and Strategies for Success on Final Exams


Michael B. Oren - Discusses his service as Israel’s Ambassador to the United States 


 Seymour James - Drugs, Race and the Right to Counsel


Rosevelie Marquez Morales - Legal Career Path to Firm Partner


Charlotte Taylor - What Makes an “A” or “B” Student Different from a “C” Student?


Patrick Connors - A Role Play about Social Media and Litigation.


Dr. Sharona Goldenberg - A Discussion on the BDS Movement


Charlotte Taylor - Strategies for a Successful First Year in Law School.


Honorable Kenneth Starr - The Current State of Legal Education


Benjamin Brafman - My Life as a Litigator