Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Samuel J. Levine, Director of the Jewish Law Institute, has recently authored two books which have received much acclaim. In fact, they were both on display in the National Library of Israel. Congratulations Professor Levine!

Jewish Law and American Law: A Comparative Study, Volumes 1 & 2
By Samuel J. Levine
These volumes contribute to the growing field of comparative Jewish and American law, presenting twenty-six essays characterized by a number of distinct features. The essays will appeal to legal scholars and, at the same time, will be accessible and of interest to a more general audience of intellectually curious readers. These contributions are faithful to Jewish law on its own terms while applying comparative methods to offer fresh perspectives on complex issues in the Jewish legal system. Through careful comparative analysis, the essays also turn to Jewish law to provide insights into substantive and conceptual areas of the American legal system, particularly areas of American law that are complex, controversial, and unsettled.
Available from Touro University Press.
Was Yosef on the Spectrum? Understanding Joseph Through Torah, Midrash, and Classical Jewish Sources
By Samuel J. Levine
Yosef's behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and personal development are often difficult to understand, and at times seem to defy explanation. This book offers a coherent and cohesive reading of the well-known Bible story, presenting a portrait of Yosef as an individual on the autism spectrum. Viewed through this lens, Yosef emerges as a more familiar and less enigmatic individual, exhibiting both strengths and weaknesses commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder.
Available from Urim Publications.


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