Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Q&A with Alumna Michelle Ferlito, Class of 2018

Why did you decide to attend law school?

My dad is an attorney and persuaded me to take the LSAT. One thing lead to another. I knew law school would be a good fit for my natural skillset (reading comprehension and writing). I also wanted to be in the business world and thought it would open some doors in that respect.

Where are you currently employed?

I am an attorney at The Basile Law Firm, P.C.

Did you know what you wanted to do upon graduation? 

During law school I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I did have a long list of things I absolutely did not want to do. I explored different areas of corporate law through coursework and internships. Life's little synchronicities lead me an internship at the Basile Law Firm, P.C. when I was in my third year, that eventually lead to a full-time position. My time there as an intern fostered my interest in corporate law, and molded my vision of what kind of attorney I want to be. I don't believe anyone knows what they want to do until they start doing it, so I’m grateful to have landed at a firm where I can grow intellectually and professionally, be myself and learn something new every day.

One year after graduation, are you happy with your career and the work you are doing? Why?

Like I said, I'm so fortunate to be in the position I am today, doing the work I am doing. Fresh out of admission ceremony Mr. Mark Basile, Principal Attorney of The Basile Law Firm, P.C., gave me giant shoes to fill and I've been growing into them ever since. I truly enjoy coming to work. Even the parts of the job that I never anticipated doing or don't particularly enjoy teach me something, whether it be about the law, procedure, an industry or myself. I'm also happy that I can enjoy the company of the people that I work with every day. 

What advice would you give to current and/or prospective law students?

Know yourself. Study as hard as you have to, and then just a little more. Never get too comfortable and never for a second believe that your learning stops when you sign the book.

Did you have a favorite class or professor?

Adjunct Professor Howard Stein stands out as a favorite. He has the voice of a sci-fi narrator that keeps students engaged. His class was so practical and applicable to real-life real estate transactions. His assignments were pointed towards learning what you need to know and not bogged down with unnecessarily lengthy opinions. Although his final exam - that threw me for a loop!

And, of course, Business Organizations II with Professor Meredith Miller was a favorite as well.

Any other relevant experience(s) that you wish to share? What experiences in law school helped shape your career decision or best prepared you for your career?

Didn't get that internship? Didn't do so well on a test? Let it go. Everything happens for a reason and usually that reason is a lesson. It's your responsibility to grow from it.

What are others saying about Michelle?

Mark Basile, attorney and Michelle’s boss, stated, “Michelle just closed a $15M acquisition of a technology company for one of our corporate clients. She spent several weeks negotiating and preparing all closing docs and supporting materials with client input. Her desire to follow a path of business law is a great example of how our graduates can have an almost immediate impact in the business world. We are very proud of her.”


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