Online Moot Court Preparations

Online Moot Court Preparations

Given the current global pandemic, most moot court competitions have been entirely canceled, and some have moved to online submissions. But even the Touro students who find themselves without a competition to prepare for have continued to practice. One team has altered their preparations to accommodate a new format of submitting video arguments to be judged. One thing remains the same for all of these moot court students – they are still putting in the work it takes to compete, dedicated to advancing their lawyering skills.

“I am really enjoying working with the students online to advise and teach them,” stated Professor Meredith R. Miller who is working with two teams of students. “I am just amazed at how dedicated these students are to the task at hand. The current distractions are real and intense, but the students are showing an unwavering commitment to learning new and complex areas of law and practicing their oral arguments, some of which they will not even get to deliver, let alone in the traditional in-person format. It’s refreshing to see this level of dedication – the students’ undeterred commitment has been a great reminder of their intelligence and resilience.”

Professor Miller is coaching students in real-time using Zoom, working individually and as groups. “We may continue to use this method of coaching even when we aren’t forced to for social distancing reasons. Moot Court is extracurricular, and it is often difficult to find times that work for all coaches and competitors. It’s easier for everyone to connect and get to work from their respective homes. This has been efficient and effective and the students are really focused and engaged!”


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