Alumni Spotlight: Dorian Glover '96

Alumni Spotlight: Dorian Glover '96

Dorian Glover, a 1996 Touro Law graduate, speaks easily about his desire to help people. His strong moral compass evolved throughout his youth thanks to family members and role models who demonstrated that one person can be responsible for making a difference in the lives of many. Now he is making a difference for many President of the Nassau County Bar Association and a Touro Law adjunct professor.

Dorian comes from a family of educators and strong women who had a great influence on him. His great-grandmother established the first Head Start Program in New York to promote school readiness for underprivileged children, and his grandmother and mother were dedicated and beloved kindergarten teachers. These strong family role models instilled in the young Dorian the value of education and the opportunity to make change. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Thurgood Marshall were role models who made a strong impact on him as true change-makers. Dorian witnessed first-hand positive changes in the world around him brought about by these men. They ultimately influenced his future career path.

Dorian was in elementary school when he realized the law would be the path he would take to become a changemaker.  Walking that path lead him to Touro Law. Dorian was a full-time student who was active during law school. He was a member of LEAP and the SBA. He showed up prepared for class and ready to answer a cold call from any teacher. “My classmates were extremely bright and raised the level of what it meant to be prepared for class,” stated Dorian. “I remember sitting in Professor Hunt’s Contracts class. When you answered a question precisely right, he would say ‘Precise-a-mundo.’ I always worked hard to get that response from him because it validated not only my hard work but the fact that I was learning and understanding the law.”

Dorian has many great memories of law school. He earned the CALI award in Professor Post’s Racism and American Law class and recalls learning how to tell a story from Professor Zablotsky. “Telling a story is such an important part of the job we do as lawyers. It was a great skill to learn that I use daily in my practice.”

 He opened his own practice more than 20 years ago and is enjoying a fulfilling career. Dorian said, “My career has been more than I even expected it would be back in law school. I am able to help people of all ages in their time of need and I assist clients to achieve their lifelong dreams of owning a house or a business. I truly am helping people and I love what I do.”

Today Dorian is back at Touro Law as an adjunct professor. He is teaching students Law Practice Management as well as Current Issues in Racism and the Law and serves as a leader and role model outside of the classroom. “I share real-life experiences in the classroom along with the lessons to bring a richness to their education,” stated Dorian. “I tell students that I see fellow Touro Law alum practicing everywhere and run into alums often. It is a privilege to earn a law degree and an honor to join the Touro Law alumni community.”

Dorian is also serving as president of the Nassau County Bar Association, the first Touro Law alum elected to that position. He joined the NCBA as a Touro Law student and became active in the group almost immediately. He has served in their mentoring program since his graduation. He recalls meeting the executive director and introducing himself. “The next time I saw her, she said Hi Dorian. I felt welcome from the start. The organization has provided me with many opportunities to give back to law students, young attorneys, and community members in need. I found the inspiration to continue to serve as President and am fortunate enough to be able to do it at this time.”

He continued, “This time in history mirrors the time in history that set me on my course for a career in law. There is a unique opportunity for change right now because people are listening and the desire to change isn’t with just one particular group of people. The desire to change is universal among all people in all places throughout the world right now. I have the ability to put policies together with our team in order to effectuate changes and serve as a true role model for law students. I feel blessed to be in this position at this time.” 


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