Touro Law Class of 2018 Maintains a High Employment Rate

The ABA reported employment statistics for the Class of 2018, including JD-required jobs, are the second highest in the school’s history. The employment statistics for the Class of 2018, as reported to the ABA, show an overall employment rate of 88.7%, ten months after graduation, with 70.2% of those graduates reporting work in full-time, long-term jobs requiring a law degree or for which having a JD is an advantage, and the overall employment is less than two percentage points below the school’s all-time high.

The Class of 2018 found employment in all areas of the law and in a wide range of businesses. The largest job category for our graduates continues to be law firms (54.4%). This category is followed by employment in the corporate sector (17.6%), government (16%) and public interest (12%).

*Touro Law ranked 6th in state based on overall employment, not including law-school funded positions.


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