Touro Law and LexisNexis Form Unique Alliance to Support Law School Incubators and Residency Programs

February 27, 2015

Touro Law Center’s International Justice Center for Postgraduate Development (IJCPD) and LexisNexis® Legal & Professional have announced an alliance to provide postgraduate development programs – such as law school incubator and residency programs – with the opportunity to offer essential legal research tools and services to young attorneys supporting their participation in social justice programs and formation of their first practices.

The unique initiative furnishes participants in postgraduate programs with free access to premier legal research services from LexisNexis®, easing the first steps for young attorneys as they commence their pro bono activities and work on establishing their practice. 

Participants will receive a one-year subscription to the premier legal research information service, Lexis Advance®, giving them the opportunity to leverage a broad set of primary law, analytical material, and news, as well as Lexis Practice Advisor®, which furnishes practical guidance for a specific practice area along with sample forms, model documents, legal analysis and emerging issues.

Managed by Fred Rooney, director of Touro Law Center’s International Justice Center for Postgraduate Development, the initiative is part of a larger program designed to assist law schools across the country in establishing postgraduate programs that address the practical challenges new attorneys face as they enter the profession and try to realize their vision of establishing social justice programs. The IJCPD and LexisNexis are unified in their mission for social justice and supporting the development and growth of law students and future lawyers.   

“We are thrilled to work with LexisNexis to provide our partners in the ever-growing incubator and residency communities across the United States and abroad with access to Lexis Advance and Lexis Practice Advisor. With the right tool set in hand, we can focus on enhancing access to justice by resourcing new law graduates, with a commitment to social justice so that they are better prepared to practice law”, said Fred Rooney. “This partnership between Touro Law Center’s IJCPD and LexisNexis speaks volumes to our shared mission to enhance the quality and practicality of legal education, and to further the rule of law locally and internationally.”

The IJCPD is committed to a quality legal education that encourages law graduates to examine the moral goals of the law while promoting social justice and community service as they transition to practice.

“Incubator and residency programs play an increasingly important role in the continuing education of young lawyers – especially those committed to making a difference by helping underserved populations find justice – with the professional support and practical skills needed to be an effective advocate,” said Paul Speca, vice president of the LexisNexis law schools program. “We are delighted to support these vital programs by supplying young lawyers with the quality research tools and services from LexisNexis, which they’ve come to rely on during their law school career.”

The International Justice Center for Postgraduate Development was created with an understanding that postgraduate legal education has proven to be an effective tool to enable new lawyers to deepen their commitment to social justice as they work to develop solo and small firm practice and not-for-profit organizations. The Center works with law schools that wish to assist their graduates as they set up and manage community-based practices that serve the pressing needs of poor, economically-disadvantaged and working class clients in communities underserved by lawyers.

LexisNexis is committed to advancing the rule of law and has collaborated with governments, non-profit organizations, and citizen initiatives around the world to promote the rule of law and access to justice around the world. The LexisNexis Law Schools program supports the legal education process by providing products and services to law students and recent graduates to help them develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s legal marketplace.  

For more information about the initiative, contact Fred Rooney, at the IJCPD, Touro Law Center at


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