Touro Law Welcomes 197 Incoming First-Year J.D. Students

August 25, 2015

 Touro Law welcomes an incoming class of 197 first year J.D. students which includes full-time and part-time day and evening students. The new 1L class is slightly larger than last year’s entering class and has a slightly higher average LSAT score.

The students come from 89 undergraduate institutions, hold graduate degrees in 11 disciplines, hail from 18 countries and are fluent in 19 languages. The class includes 50% female student and 40% students of color. The class includes recent college graduates, government officials, teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, health care professionals, journalists and business owners among many current and past professions. 

“The beginning of each new academic year is exciting as we welcome a new groups of students who represent the future of our profession are so eager and excited to learn. They are quick to adapt to the law school setting and anxious to begin the next chapter of their lives. There is a palpable excitement at Touro Law every year at this time that is energizing and invigorating,” said Touro Law Dean Patricia Salkin. 

Touro Law provides a cutting-edge academic program, Portals to Practice, focusing on development of legal professionals incrementally throughout law school. In addition, Touro Law offers four areas of concentration that were developed based on current and predicted growth areas in legal practice including criminal law, aging and longevity law, solo and small practice law and land use and sustainable development law. The school is located adjacent to both a federal and state courthouse, capitalizing on both location and relationships with members of the bar and the bench. 

All 1Ls will participate in, among other things, Touro Law’s 1L uncontested divorce and landlord tenant Pro Bono project; an on-campus Poverty Simulation in cooperation with the NYS Office of Court Administration; and our unique Court Observation Program. 

Touro Law offers scholarships and fellowships to both incoming and current students. Over the past two years, Touro Law has raised more than $1.5 million in new student scholarships. Additionally, Touro Law is home to the Community Justice Center of Long Island, an incubator program to support and assist Touro Law alumni as they develop their own solo and small practices. In 2016, Touro Law will offer a new January start option for students. 



Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center’s 185,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art law school is located adjacent to both a state and a federal courthouse in Central Islip, New York. Touro Law’s proximity to the courthouses, coupled with programming developed to integrate the courtroom into the classroom, provide a one-of-a kind learning model for law students, combining a rigorous curriculum taught by expert faculty with a practical courtroom experience. Touro Law, which has a student body of approximately 650 and an alumni base of more than 6,000, offers full- and part-time J.D. programs, several dual degree programs and graduate law programs for US and foreign law graduates. Touro Law Center is part of the Touro College system.

Touro Law’s newly implemented Portals to Practice is a cutting-edge, experiential learning program that reconceives and restructures the law school experience. Portals to Practice expands the scope and quality of legal education by focusing on the development of legal professionals, from pre-law through post-graduation. 

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