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Faculty Scholarship - Making A Difference

Scholarly Impact Far Outpaces U.S. News Ranking
Two highly respected law professors have updated their 2006 ranking of law schools, which compared U.S. News Rankings to scholarly impact as measured by download counts from the Social Sciences Research Network. As a top online repository of academic  scholarship, SSRN is a primary resource faculty use to post and find scholarship, and as a result its download count is a highly influential measure of faculty quality. Download counts are a way of measuring the impact of faculty scholarship because they are an indicator of the interest that others have in the scholarship.
In their update, the professors identified “the most ‘undervalued’ and ‘overvalued’ law schools, based on the spread between their U.S. News peer reputation and SSRN all-time downloads.” They concluded that Touro Law Center was the 13th most underrated law school in the country.
Touro Law Center believes that law schools must act as creators of knowledge and ideas about law’s role in society,
government, and business. Accordingly, it is committed to excellence in scholarship as a means of disseminating knowledge about the law, legal institutions, and legal policies, as well as for the role scholarship plays in informing the teaching mission and training future leaders.

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