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Hal Abramson

An International Leader

Hal Abramson
Professor of Law
Aspen Coursebooks just published the 3rd edition of Professor Abramson’s award winning textbook on Mediation Representation. Oxford University Press has published a version designed for law schools and practitioners outside of North America.

Professor Abramson has been teaching at Touro Law for more than twenty five years. He is an internationally known scholar in the field of mediation advocacy and inter-cultural disputes. His book on mediation representation is the most widely used book on the subject in law schools. Professor Abramson also trains lawyers globally on how to represent clients in mediation and how to resolve cross-cultural disputes. The practice of mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), has gained popularity domestically and internationally as it helps both sides reach agreement in less time and at a lower cost than would be spent going to trial while producing settlements that may not be achievable in court.

The new third edition by Aspen is one of the first textbooks to include extensive videos for students to use when answering questions. The Oxford University edition, published in 2011, was translated into British English and included sections on European and Asian law and practices, along with illustrations more relevant to this broader audience.

The book offers a comprehensive framework for representing clients, beginning with the initial client interview, and continuing through the mediation session. It covers negotiating an agreement to mediate, preparing a case and client for mediation, and representing a client during the dynamic mediation process. It also provides a culturally neutral framework for representing clients in mediations between parties from foreign countries and with different cultural backgrounds. It contains revised and updated content as well as an extensive collection of appendices that cover decision-trees, sample agreements, selective mediation rules, and effective questioning. The first edition received the annual book award of the CPR International Institute for Conflict Resolution, and is the most widely used treatise on how attorneys can effectively represent clients in mediations.

Professor Abramson, a former vice dean at Touro Law, teaches courses on dispute resolution and remedies.  You can learn more about his scholarship and career here -

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