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Professor Deborah Post

Deborah Post Deborah W. Post is Professor of Law at Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg School of Law. She graduated cum laude from Hofstra University with a major in Anthropology and took a job first as an editorial assistant and then as a teaching assistant to Margaret Mead, the noted anthropologist, before attending Harvard Law School. She began her legal career working in the corporate section of a law firm in Houston, Texas. She left practice for a position at the University of Houston Law School and moved to New York to Touro Law Center in 1987. In the academic year 1994-95 she was a visiting professor at Syracuse Law School. In 2000 she was Distinguished Visiting Professor at DePaul Law School. Professor Post has written extensively in what she considers her three areas of expertise: business associations, legal education and critical race theory. Professor Post seeks to apply an anthropologist's sensibilities and methodologies to the study of law.

Among her most recent efforts are a book on legal education, Cultivating Intelligence: Power, Law and the Politics of Teaching written with a colleague, Louise Harmon and published by New York University Press and a casebook for contracts called Contracting Law with co-authors Amy Kastely and Sharon Hom.

Other articles include: "Continuity and Change: Partnership Formation Under the Common Law," Villanova Law Review (1987); "Reflections on Identity, Diversity, and Morality," Berkeley Women's Law Journal (1990-91); "Race, Riots and the Rule of Law," Denver Law Review (1993); "Profit, Progress and Moral Imperatives," Touro Law Review (1993); "Critical Thoughts About Race, Exclusion, Oppression and Tenure," Pace Law Review (1994); Power and Morality of Grading: A Case Study and a Few Critical Thoughts on Grade Normalization, University of Missouri at Kansas City Law Review (1997).