Requirements/Application Procedures and Forms

Enrollment in the Clinics is by application only. Applications are sent out to students via e-mail before the end of each semester. Students who wish to enroll in any Clinics semester should file their applications as soon as possible and return completed applications to the Clinic office by the designated deadline. You are encouraged to file your applications as soon as possible so that acceptance decisions can be made timely. This will make your selection and registration for other courses easier. Late applications will only be accepted for positions on a waiting list. No student will be permitted to enroll in more than one Clinic at the same time. However, because we cannot assure that you will be accepted into your first choice, you are encouraged to apply for two or more Clinics. To apply for any of the Clinics, you must submit a signed application. Some Clinics require supplementary information. 

By submitting this application, you are authorizing the Registrar's office to release your law school transcript to the Director of the Clinic and the faculty member teaching the course. Any questions regarding the Clinics should be addressed to Melina A. Healey, Director of Clinical Programs. You may also consult your faculty advisor or the professor teaching the clinic.


Clinics Seminars in the day division are usually scheduled between 3:35 pm and 6:15 pm on either Monday or Tuesday.


The list of accepted students will be posted before the first day of registration. Acceptance lists will be posted outside the Office of Clinical Programs and in the Registrar’s Office. An email notification will also be sent to accepted students. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered only at the discretion of the Director of the individual clinic and will only be considered for the waiting list. Once notified of acceptance each student must contact the Clinic office to confirm acceptance. If you do not confirm acceptance, your place may be given to another student.


Registration for each of the Clinic Seminar is by permission of the Director only. The Registrar will receive a list of the students permitted to register. You must register in person as registration is not permitted on the automated system; you cannot register if your name does not appear in the list of acceptances.


All students who will have completed credits equivalent to one year of full-time law study (29 credits) by end of the semester before enrolling in the clinic may apply to the Clinics. 

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