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Jurisprudence - LAW645

3 Credits

Jurisprudence refers to a broad range of topics concerning the nature, source, purpose, and operation of law: What is a legal system? In what respects does it differ from a set of commands backed by threats? Must a legal system necessarily distinguish between substantive and procedural law? What, if anything, is the relationship between law and morality? What is the source of an obligation to obey the law? May refusal to obey the law be excused on the grounds that the law is unjust? How is the distinction between a just and an unjust law properly analyzed? In what sense is the term “legal rule” used? To what extent does the adjudicative process involve the application of legal rules? How are valid legal conclusions reached? How can the validity of legal conclusions be judged? (No prerequisite. Satisfies Perspective Requirement.)