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Current Legal Issues in Government Course Description - LAW698

3 Credits

This seminar, taught by the Dean, is open only to students in the honors program. Each semester the course is taught, the subject matter will change as it will be tied to one or more current legal issues in government. Students will examine the legal issues underlying the policy beginning with federal and/or state constitutional underpinning (if applicable), relevant statutes and regulations, as well as relevant case law. Students will work in teams to "represent" various stakeholder interests in the legal and policy debates surrounding the issue being studied and will draft proposed legislation and/or regulations, draft a legislative or regulatory impact statement, and if the issue is being litigated in the courts they may draft an amicus brief for their stakeholder interest. During the semester, logistics permitting, students will visit Albany, Washington, or another relevant governmental entity (e.g., local government) to meet with lawmakers and policymakers currently working on the issue being studied. (Honors Program only.)