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Global Conflict Resolution Course Description - LAW753

2 Credits

This course examines numerous State and non-State systems of law and conflict resolution/informal justice worldwide, within broader contexts of social, political and economic realities. Students will be introduced through legal and interdisciplinary literatures (e.g. sociolegal and legal anthropology) to the concept of legal pluralism, which involves the existence and interactions of formal State-connected justice with informal/quasi-legal justice not connected to the State. Students will also examine State and non-State law and conflict resolution processes from the perspective of globalization, in terms of the effects of transnational forms of law and ordering on local legal and quasi-legal processes in various countries. The remainder of the course uses these theoretical perspectives to examine formal and informal justice processes around the globe, including conflict resolution in Islamic societies, in South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, and more briefly in relation to the Americas, Australia, Europe and religion-based systems. (No prerequisite. Satisfies Perspective Requirement.)