Solo/Small Firm Practice Skills - LAW503

3 Credits

This exciting course is designed to teach the aspiring practitioner how to handle common matters that may well present themselves early on in practice. The student will be required to apply his or her knowledge of the law to its application on a variety of case files. The professor will provide 3 fact patterns during the semester involving any of the following matters: a will drafting, a real estate closing, or a basic negligence case such as a slip and fall or car accident. Faculty will teach and discuss the applicable law and then guest practitioners will discuss how they might handle the particular situation, demonstrate how to do so and provide the appropriate forms and documents to do the job. Students will then be assigned to represent a party in the matter and will be asked to meet with the client and prepare the necessary documents (i.e. pleadings/contracts/stipulations/wills) or negotiate the deal, and/or handle a deposition and/or an actual closing. The student will leave the course with the tools to handle basic legal matters.

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