E-Discovery Course Description - LAW845

2 Credits

Organizations and individuals generate ever increasing amounts of information, so much so that almost 90 percent of the data in the world has been created in the past two years, the overwhelming majority of which is considered “ESI” or electronically stored information. The nature and amount of this information can present extraordinary challenges and opportunities when a dispute arises. Traditional “discovery” rules and processes have proven inadequate in dealing with the volume and nature of digital information, and a new paradigm has developed to address the unique needs of “eDiscovery.” This course will take you through the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (“EDRM”) and focus on processes, systems, and the latest technology that allows attorneys of today to comply with the newly amended FRCP for effectively managing ESI. The course will look at the practical application of effective information governance from both a compliance and litigation standpoint all the way through discovery motion practice as it pertains to both requesting and producing digital information and analyzing the information at issue. (No prerequisite.)

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