Health Care Law Course Description - LAW983

2 Credits

The United States is now at a pivotal moment in the history of health law. Health Care Law will survey the major components of the field with an emphasis on questions of contemporary policy as well as of substantive law. The collection of legal principles that comprise American “Health Law” determine when and how, if at all, the healthcare system is held accountable or improved. Health Care Law affects and sometimes determines who will live and who will die; who will receive organ transplants and who will not; how national health resources are distributed differently among people with similar challenges to their health but with different social resources. The course is necessarily selective in coverage, but designed to offer students with no prior experience in health law, health policy or health care, a foundational understanding of how the system works; how the law is frequently, but not always, a helpful partner in the search for quality and equality in the health of individual people. (No prerequisite.)

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