Two-Year Accelerated Law Program

Touro Law Center’s accelerated degree program is an extraordinary opportunity for a select group of qualified applicants to complete all requirements for the Juris Doctor degree during a concentrated and rigorous 24-month period and to sit for a Bar Examination only 26 months after they begin their law school studies. Since tuition is determined by credit, the total tuition cost for this program is the same as for the traditional JD program; however accelerated students will be entering the workforce a year earlier and will save one year of school-related living expenses.

The credit and course requirements for the accelerated program are the equivalent of traditional 3-year requirements. Two-year students will attend classes during the summer before their first full year (the 1L Fall and Spring semesters) and the summer before their second full year (the 2L Fall and Spring Semesters). In addition to the two mandatory summer sessions, accelerated students are also required to attend one winter intersession.  Students in the accelerated program are eligible to apply for extra or co-curricular student activities, such as Moot Court or Law Review, and they will be able to take clinics, externships, and elective courses in particular concentrations.


Summer 1L (3 required courses, 12 credits)

(10 weeks, May – August)

  • Torts (5)
  • Civil Dispute Resolution & Procedure (4)
  • Legal Process I (3)

Fall 1L (4 required courses, up to 16 credits)

  • Contracts I (3)
  • Criminal Law I (3)
  • Legal Process II (3)
  • Property (5)
  • Elective (optional)

Winter 1L (No required courses, up to 4 credits)

  • Electives 

Spring 1L (16 credits)

  • Contracts II (3)
  • Constitutional Law I (2)
  • Evidence (4)
  • Professional Responsibility (2)
  • Electives 

Summer 2L (2 required courses, up to 11  credits)

(10 weeks, May – August)
  • Clinic (5)
  • Trusts and Estates (3)
  • Elective

Fall 2L (3 required courses, 16 credits)

  • Advanced Legal Analysis ("ALA") I (2)
  • Constitutional Law II (3)
  • Business Organizations I
  • (3) Electives 

Winter 2L (No required courses, up to 4 credits)

  • Elective

Spring 2L (3 required courses, up to 16 credits)

  • Advanced Legal Analysis ("ALA") II (2)
  • American Legal Studies ("ALS") (3)
  • ALS Practicum (1)
  • Electives

Additional requirements:

  • Intermediate Skills Course (ISR course)
  • Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR)
  • Clinic Requirement
  • Pro Bono Requirement 

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