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Admissions Criteria

Consistent with ABA requirements, Touro Law Center’s goal in admitting candidates to its J.D. Programs and LL.M. Programs is the likelihood of success in the program to which the person is being admitted. Generally, for the 2-year accelerated program the admissions committee is looking for a 150 LSAT score and a 3.0 GPA, however below is a list of items that are taken into account in the process of making every admissions determination. The selection process is holistic and not mechanical.
• LSAT score
• Undergraduate GPA
• College major and course selection
• Trend of undergraduate grades
• Writing ability (as demonstrated by the quality of the Personal Statement and LSAT Writing Sample/s)
• Personal qualities of integrity, resilience and commitment to public service
• Successful graduate study, where applicable
• Professional experience and achievement after college, where applicable
• Letters of recommendation from persons with direct knowledge of the individual’s intellectual ability, natural aptitude, and strength of character
• Personal interview
In addition to the above criteria, applicants for the accelerated program must show strong academic credentials. Touro Law Center urges qualified applicants who have been in the workforce and veterans to apply for the accelerated program. Only applicants who earn their Bachelor’s degree prior to the May start date may apply for admission to the Two-Year Program.
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