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The Guardianship Quality Initiative

An Overview 
Millions of Americans, hundreds of thousands of whom live in New York, are victims of Alzheimer's disease or other diseases or conditions that result in diminished mental capacity. In addition, tens of thousands of older New Yorkers suffer with other physical or mental health, personal or financial challenges which will require legal assistance, including, for some, the protection of the Guardianship Courts.
The Guardianship Quality Initiative ("GQI") was created by Robert "Bob" Abrams, co-founder of Touro Law Center's Aging and Longevity Law Institute ("ALLI"). GQI's goal is to assess and address the legal needs of older New Yorkers and those with diminished mental capacity as well as to inform and educate the legal community about the medical, societal, personal, legal, and non-legal issues that affect these individuals, their loved ones, and their communities. In cooperation with the New York State Office of Court Administration, prominent judges, experienced practitioners, government representatives, healthcare professionals, and members of academia, ALLI has created a comprehensive program that includes valuable and practical resources for New York judges, lawyers, court personnel, and all guardianship stakeholders. 
GQI is an historic initiative that will not only improve the quality and delivery of legal services to older New Yorkers, but also serve as a national example of how the legal community can partner with legal educators to leverage collective expertise, available technology and unwavering commitment to ensure the community is better equipped to address an important societal issue.