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The GQI Content

Content development and integration is an evolving interactive process, which began with a set of materials created by ALLI with the guidance of judges and lawyers throughout New York State. GQI will provide participants with easy access to valuable information and resources that will result in greater efficiency and a strong likelihood that the mandates and statutes will be complied with and the legal and practical needs of incapacitated persons will be properly addressed.
GQI Materials
• Learning Objectives
• Applicable statutes
• Case summaries
• Answers to practical and substantive questions
• Sample forms, pleadings and orders
• References and links to relevant articles, media reports and other resources
GQI Discussion Forums
In addition, each Chapter has its own online Discussion Forum in which participants will be encouraged to continue the conversation begun in the video presentations. The Discussion Forum will be monitored by ALLI, and will provide participants with perspectives, solutions and concerns from Guardianship stakeholders throughout New York State. ALLI hopes to create a collegial environment which will facilitate an exchange of ideas, information and resources.
Participant Input
Participants will be encouraged to submit materials to be included in GQI. Acceptance of such materials will be subject to the approval of the GQI coordinator. Moreover, participants will be encouraged to offer feedback on how ALLI can better meet its objectives.