Touro Law Basketball Society FAQ 2012-2013


1. Why is there an emphasis on basketball at law school? I’m done with this stuff; I’m here to be a professional!!!

Several Reasons:

A. Networking- Law school is a place where you need networking as never before. Playing on our basketball team provides such networking with fellow students from various years and sections whom you may never have befriended otherwise. Furthermore, we play at Lawyers’ tournaments where you network with students and attorneys from other schools and firms. Obviously, if you’re a good player, you can use your expertise on the basketball court to get noticed by attorneys who shine in the court of law.

B. Representing Touro Law Center – Touro Law has been a part of both Lawyers Basketball League and Western New England University (WNEU) School of Law Invitational for years and has reached milestones in each of the prominent leagues. It’s imperative to represent the school and uphold our name in the legal-basketball community. If you have not been on an official school team before, this is your chance to be on one for the first time. If you played high school/college basketball, view this as a chance to continue your legacy. (See FAQ about individual leagues bellow).

C. Fun – Aside from being a good workout, basketball adds to relaxation and fun during tough law school semesters.

2. I'm a 1L and I'm afraid basketball will take away from my studying time. Should I play?

Studying is #1, no question. If you strongly feel that such commitment will take away from learning, then don't play. At the same time, a weekly one-hour "cardio run" with friends in a competitive setting can prove beneficial and refreshing and can in fact energize you to study productively. A weekly game should not be a cause of time depletion. This is akin to believing that going to the gym once a week for an hour will hinder studying.  People who've been a part of Touro Law Basketball Society are already 2Ls and 3Ls and started playing as 1Ls. Feel free to ask any one of us anytime how to better manage studying and basketball.

3. Can women play in these leagues too?

A. LI HOOPS - Generally has separate men and women divisions but women are usually allowed to participate on men’s teams because there aren’t enough women’s teams.

B. Lawyers Basketball League - Co-Ed. Women played for NYU Law School team in Lawyers League MSG finals of 2010 where Touro narrowly lost in the championship. As long as a person is a great player, we take him/her on the team. It’s a skill-based selection as the league is very competitive.

C. WNEU LAW INVITATIONAL - Strictly separate Men’s and Women’s divisions.
Touro has not had a women’s team yet. Ladies, you’re welcome to join and create one!

4. I don’t think I want to participate on a team as a player but perhaps I can help the Basketball Society in other ways?

Sure! We can use a writer who can write game reports for announcements in the Touro Times. Organizational and Recruitment help is also appreciated! Email



1. What's LI Hoops?

LI Hoops is a very competitive amateur league in Brentwood, NY (10 minutes away from school). It has many divisions starting from beginners to former college level. Touro has been involved with LI Hoops since Spring 2008, prior to the official creation of Touro Law Basketball Society. 

2. How much is it to play there - Is cost covered by Touro?

Until now, it has NOT been covered by Touro. We usually get a discount there, but roughly, each team's entrance fee is $800 and each player chips in about $100. The more teams we get to play there, the better is the discount.

3. How many teams can we have in this league?

Unlimited number, as long as we pay the league.
4. Are there tryouts for this league?


5. Are friends who do not go to Touro allowed in this league?


6. Ok my friends and I want to sign up, what do I do?

E-mail the General Manager:

7. When do LI Hoops games begin?

They usually start after Labor Day. They have four consecutive games every night, with the earliest one starting at 6:30 p.m. and latest one starting at 9:30 p.m.

8. Do I have to pay right away?

The owner/score keeper is a very nice guy and he might allow payment in installments, but if you can, please pay right away as we can’t fall behind on the bill.

9. I am only interested in Lawyers League and the WNEU Invitational Tournament. Who needs this league where we play against “street ballers”?

One advantage of playing in LI Hoops is that Brentwood is 10 minutes away from school and is very accessible! Moreover, this league is perfect for preparing for Lawyers League, as it creates a very competitive environment that provides a great training set-up for the upcoming semester. Moreover, if you play in LI Hoops, you increase your chances at being selected for Lawyers League in the spring because you’re constantly observed and evaluated by the Basketball Society leaders.



1. What is the Lawyers Basketball League?

The Lawyers Basketball League is a premier basketball organization in the City where big law firms and other NY metro area law schools compete in various skill divisions. The finals are held in Madison Square Garden (MSG). Touro reached MSG in 2010!

2. When will we play there?

The season for the law school division starts the first or second Sunday of the spring semester. Games vs. other law schools are on Sundays and some weekday night games are vs. law firms. Most games are vs. law schools, so most games are on Sunday and scheduling should not be an issue.

3. How many games will each of our teams play?

8-9 regular season games and then playoff games with the chance to get to MSG! Most games are vs. other law schools.

4. Which law schools are in the League?

Virtually every NYC metro area law school is or has been in the Lawyers League at one point or another.

5. Where are the games played?

In Manhattan. Last year, most games were in Baruch College Gym in Midtown.

6. What? So it means I'll have to travel all the way to Manhattan to play some ball?

Correct, except that it's a prestigious tournament filled with networking potential where you'll represent Touro Law Center and not just "play some ball."

7. How many Touro teams will there be -- What's the cost per team?

It comes down to the interest in playing from players and the school’s commitment to provide funding. The league is competitive and we do not want to waste the school’s money if players cannot make the commitment to the team.

Basketball Society GM and other staff members go a long way trying to get funding for Lawyers League. Traditionally, the League has charged law schools $1,500 per team.

8. Are there tryouts?

It’s possible. Usually, participation in fall semester’s LI Hoops league provides the tryout ground to determine which players make the cut for Lawyers League. More info to be released later in the semester.

9. I have not been officially selected to the Lawyers League team(s) and/or I just want to get together with other law school friends, throw in money and we’ll pay the league fee for an extra team by ourselves. Can it be done?

Absolutely! If you and your friends want to throw in your own money, you can get as many teams as you want.



1. What's WNEU Invitational?

WNEU (formerly WNEC) is the oldest and most prestigious law school tournament in the country. It's a 3-day basketball getaway event filled with games, evening parties, and playoffs. Located in Springfield, MA, it's virtually the closest event to a National Law School Tournament. It has been active since 1975! Touro has participated in the tournament since 2001 and won in the Men’s Division in 2010!

2. When is it?

Usually, it's during a weekend of February or March.
3. How much is it to play there?

Traditionally, SBA and other sponsors have made it so that the trip has been completely free but everything depends on sponsorship/fundraising in a given year. Otherwise, the entrance fee per team is about $300-$350 + the cost of the hotel. 
4. WOW, you expect me to get all the way to Springfield, MA???

Yes, but that's the fun part. In the past, people have carpooled to have as many people per car as possible. There will always be someone driving . Also, the tournament is filled with nightly parties in addition to basketball, so it’s a great way to get out and have fun.
Finally, do not forget that you will officially be representing your law school at the only national law school basketball tourney in the United States, which is enough of a reason to go.

5. Where will the team be staying?

At a local Sheraton Hotel, which is 4 miles away from WNEU. Map:

6. Can my friends who don't go to Touro play there?

You can certainly bring friends/significant-others along, but this tournament mandates that only students from the school may play. Consequently, only the players are sponsored by the Basketball Society’s funds.

Note: If you want to stay in separate hotel room by yourself or with your friend/significant-other who is not part of the team, expect to have to partly contribute to the hotel fee.

7. Are there tryouts?

Probably not. By the time the tournament comes, the GM and/or coaches will select the players based on people’s performance in LI Hoops and the Lawyers Basketball League.

If you have not played with the team for the other leagues and want to be part of the team for WNEU only, speak to the GM. If there is no opportunity to observe your skills, participation may be possible if you happen to be a former college (or in rare cases high school) basketball player with documented statistics, or an otherwise objectively incredibly athletic individual. Selection of people is on a case by case basis.

8. How many games are in the tournament?

There are usually four regular season games. The first game is Friday late afternoon/evening. Then there are three Saturday games. Sunday is the playoff elimination tournament. If we make playoffs, we may end up playing 3 to 4 games depending on regular season placement and advancement during the playoffs.

Winning it all in 2010 was tough. The team started at 8:30 AM on Sunday and played the championship game at 3:30 PM for a total of 4 Sunday games. The gain was worth the pain!

9. What if I observe the Sabbath?

If you are selected and are serious about going, ask the GM to request for the first game on Friday night to start sufficiently before sundown and for our last regular season game to start after Sabbath ends. You will be missing about 2 games, but don’t let it deter you from coming along.

If you would like to be in a religious home for the Sabbath, there is a Chabad house about 2 miles away from the Sheraton Hotel. Email the local Rabbi, Rabbi Kosofsky: if you have questions.