Touro Law Center’s Family Law Society (FLS) is a beneficial organization for the students and faculty of this highly specialized area of practice to share experiences and become acquainted with the field of matrimonial and family law. Family law matters are highly sensitive, and too often attorneys are unequipped to handle such matters. Touro's FLS seeks to capitalize on the stellar classroom education at Touro by taking academic knowledge and pairing it with practical experience and involvement in local professional organizations.  

Touro FLS is available not just as an active organization within the four walls of the law school community, but also to offer networking opportunities for students to participate in internships with local family law firms, and arrange visits to the Supreme and Family Courts to witness first-hand matrimonial/family law trials. Touro FLS also maintains a network with domestic violence agencies and child protection services to facilitate clothing and food drives for victims, and a number of members have received summer jobs through these interactions. 

Touro FLS's purposes are:
  1. to provide various networking opportunities to the general membership;
  2. to educate general membership and the Touro community regarding developments in the ever-changing field of family law; and,
  3. to put TLC students and the TLC community on the map with the local matrimonial community for purposes of school fundraising and employment for graduates.