Students interested in legal issues concerning race, gender, and ethnicity and who seek to improve the intellectual climate of the school are invited to compete for staff membership on the Journal of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity. Members of the Journal edit submissions received by the Journal and research and write their own student notes.

Serving as a staff member or editor on a scholarly journal distinguishes a student from others and may enhance the student’s career opportunities. Student-members also refine their editing, research and writing skills which will help them become better practitioners.  

The Journal conducts periodic writing competitions, including an annual write-on competition held during the summer break. The competitions consist of a short closed universe memo. Students interested in competing for membership on the Journal must be 2L FT/PT or 3L PT students. To be eligible for the Journal students must be in the top 50% of their class OR have received at least a B in Legal Process II. 

For more information on how to join Touro Law Center’s Journal of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity contact us at (631) 761-7404 or email us at