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Legal Process

The Touro Law School Legal Process Program introduces first-year students to legal research and legal writing. Students enjoy a strong combination of institutional commitment, experienced faculty and cutting-edge in- and out-of-the-classroom instruction using the most up-to-date technology. The six-credit first-year course is taught in small sections of approximately 18 students each to ensure individual attention and promote student growth. In addition to the standard focus on predictive writing in the fall and persuasive writing in the spring, students are introduced to client interviewing, client counseling and negotiation. In addition, students take advantage of Touro Law’s proximity to both a federal and a state courthouse. In their legal writing sections, they visit the courts in the Court Observation Program. This component of the curriculum allows students to observe the skills they are learning in the classroom in a real world environment. It helps to reinforce the importance of the skills being taught while infusing excitement and real cases into the curriculum. Throughout this program students also meet with judges, practicing attorneys and court officials to discuss cases they have witnessed, career paths and more. After the first year, Touro Law’s commitment to skills training continues for all students. A variety of upper-level skills courses with a significant research and/or writing component are available to students to fulfill their legal process requirement and reinforce the skills they learned in their first year.