Frequently Asked Questions about the
Public Interest Legal Career Fair

When is the Public Interest Legal Career Fair?
The Fair will be held on Thursday and Friday, February 6 and 7, 2020. Student Check-In opens each day at 8:00 am in Vanderbilt Hall. Interviews and Table Talk begin each day at 9:20 am and end at 5:00 pm.

Where is the Fair?
The Fair takes place in four different NYU buildings, all located immediately south of Washington Square Park. Student Check-In takes place in Vanderbilt Hall, located at 40 Washington Square South, between Macdougal and Sullivan Streets. When you check-in, you will receive information about where to go for interviews, Table Talk, and other Fair events.

For detailed directions to the Law School, please click here. Please note: NYU Law School does not have a designated parking garage. Though there are commercial parking garages in the area, it may be difficult to park near the law school because the garages fill up early and street parking is limited. Please click here for more information.

Is there WiFi available on site?
WiFi will not be available to students at the Fair. Please print and bring your interview schedule, as well as any other information you may need, to the Fair each day. If your university has an eduroam account, students may connect to that while on the NYU campus.

How do I find out information about the employers participating in the Fair?
Use the Employers link to list all attending employers. From there, you can click on individual employers' names to view their contact information and to access additional information. If you click on "Participation Details," you can find out important information, like when they are coming to the Fair. If you click on "Additional Employer Information," you can find out more about the employer, including details about post-graduate and internship hiring. You may also search for employers based on specific criteria using the "Search Employers" button.

When can I apply for interviews?
Registered students may apply to employers that will be interviewing at the Fair as soon as their registration is approved. The deadline to register and to upload all applications is 11:59 a.m. on January 16. Note: Only students who register for the Fair by the January 16 deadline may apply for interviews.

How do I apply for interviews?
To apply for interviews, begin by researching participating employers using the Employers link. From there, you can view all of the employers coming to the Fair, get details about each employer, and search for employers in a variety of categories (e.g., location, organization type, participation dates, etc.). Once you have identified employers of interest, use the "Apply" button next to each employer to upload your application.

If the "Apply" button does not appear, it may be because: 1) the employer is not interviewing students in your class year, and/or 2) the employer is not conducting interviews at the Fair. Please do NOT send applications directly to employers that do not have an "Apply" button next to their name.

What is an application?
Each application must include a resume. While this is the only requirement, it is strongly recommended that you submit a resume and a cover letter to each employer. Many employers only select students who submit cover letters. You may submit additional documents (e.g., writing sample, references, unofficial transcript), but this is not required or recommended. It is recommended that you bring copies of these additional documents to any interviews you may have. Any documents you submit as part of your online application must be consolidated into a single PDF document.

How many employers can I apply to?
You may apply to up to 50 employers.

What is Employer Ranking?
Once you upload an application for a given employer, that employer will be listed in your Preferences. Your Preferences will contain only the employers for whom you have uploaded an application. Once you have finished submitting your applications, you should rank the employers in your Preferences. This ranking will be used to assign you to an interview in the event that you are selected to interview by two employers but have a scheduling conflict that will only permit one interview.

Note: Your preference list is not visible to employers, and it does not have an impact on which interviews you get, outside of the "tie-breaking" circumstance described above.

You must register, upload all of your applications, and rank the employers in your Preferences by 11:59 a.m. on January 16, 2020.

What is Student Availability?
In order to be scheduled for interviews, you must enter your availability into the system by 11:59 a.m. on January 16, 2020. To do so, use My Availability.

Interview slots will be scheduled in accordance with employers' preferences and your availability as entered into the system. The system will not schedule you for back-to-back interviews to ensure that you have sufficient time to get from one interview to the next. Given the size and complexity of this program, it will not be possible to manually change interview times for any particular student. The greater availability you indicate, the more likely it is that you will receive interviews.

When will I find out my interview schedule?
Interview schedules are expected to be published online on Friday, January 31. Please be advised that this date is subject to change and is dependent upon all participating employers completing their interview selections by the deadline. You should receive an email from your law school's career services or public interest office notifying you when interview schedules are available online, but please check the system regularly beginning on January 31.

Interview schedules for Thursday will be finalized and available online at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday (February 5) and will not change after that time. Interview schedules for Friday will be finalized and available online at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday (February 6) and will not change after that time. Please print your schedule after 3:00 p.m. the day before your interviews and bring that schedule with you to the Fair the following day. You will not be able to print your schedule at the fair.

What if I don't get any interviews?
Do not despair! Every year, dozens of students with no interviews obtain summer employment by meeting with employers at Table Talk, sometimes even securing internships with the same employers who declined to interview them! If you don't get any interviews, look closely at the list of employers attending Table Talk and research the employers you plan to approach.

Additionally, keep in mind that many employers allow Free Sign-Up (see below for details), which provides another opportunity to sign up for interviews.

Finally, remember that only a small fraction of public interest employers attend the Fair. Use job search websites like to search for internship and post-graduate opportunities outside of the Fair.

I am an "alternate" - what does that mean?
If you have been selected by an employer as an "Alternate," you will be scheduled for an interview automatically if any slots open up in the employer's schedule. Note: You can only be scheduled for an interview if you have indicated availability during the open time slot in My Availability.

You should enter the online system periodically to review any changes to your schedule. Review and print your final schedule after 3:00 p.m. the day before your interviews.

How do I cancel an interview?
To cancel an interview, go to Interview Schedules and click on the "Details" link for the interview you wish to cancel. Then click on "Cancel Interview." Any interviews you cancel will show up on your "Interview Schedules" page.

Out of respect to other students and to employers, please immediately cancel any interviews that you do not plan to keep so that these slots will be available to other students. Please note that all cancellations must be completed by 3:00 p.m. on February 5, 2020.

After the February 5 deadline, students are expected to attend all scheduled interviews unless a personal emergency arises. For emergency cancellations, send an email of explanation and apology to the employer, copying your career services or public interest office.

What is Free Sign-Up?
Free Sign-Up allows students to schedule interviews with employers who have last-minute openings. Please note that not all employers elect to participate in this program. Also, only students who register for the Fair by the January 16 deadline will be eligible to participate in Free Sign-Up.

Free Sign-Up begins at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, February 3 and ends at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 5. Each day of Free Sign-Up, students can select two additional interview slots, for a maximum of six additional interviews.

How do I check-in for the Fair?
Student Check-In opens at 8:00 a.m. each day of the Fair and continues throughout the day in Vanderbilt Hall (40 Washington Square South, between Sullivan and Macdougal Streets). You may check-in at any time during the day, but try to arrive at least 30 minutes before your first interview. To check-in, you will be required to present your School ID.

Note: You must check in each day of the Fair and receive a name tag each day. The name tag is necessary to gain entrance to buildings where the Fair is taking place.

What should I bring with me to the Fair?
Please make sure that you bring your School ID and your interview schedule (printed after 3:00 p.m. the day before) each day of the Fair. Make sure to write down the location of each interview on your schedule. You are also encouraged to bring any applications you wish to share with employers, including references and writing samples.

Who should I speak with if I have questions?
For additional information, please contact the public interest or career services office at your school.

How should I handle offers I receive during or after the Fair?
When you receive an offer from an employer, you may accept it, turn it down, or ask for time to consider it. According to NALP's Principles and Standards for Law Placement and Recruitment Activities, employers should leave offers open for at least two weeks. However, this is encouraged, not required, and it does not always happen. If you receive an offer with a short deadline, you may ask for an extension, but it is up to the employer to decide whether to grant it. NALP guidelines state that "candidates are expected to accept or release offers or request an extension by the applicable deadline. Offers that are not accepted by the offer deadline expire." They also state that candidates "should not hold open more than five offers of employment at a time." For additional details, see Part V: General Standards for the Timing of Offers and Decisions. If you are having trouble deciding whether to accept or decline an offer, or if you are deciding between multiple offers, speak with your career services or public interest office for individualized advice.