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Updating Your TLC Alert account.

Navigate to:

Enter your username and password.  Your username is your address.  If you have forgotten your password click on the "Forgot username or password?" link and the system will send an email to your address with your password.
screenshot of login page 
After logging in, click on the My Account Tab, and choose Add or Edit to all the fields you would like to update.
screenshot of my account page 
Mobil Contacts - Cell phone numbers, these can be used for text messages or Voice Messages.Please be sure to unselect "Enable Voice Message Delivery" if you do not want a Voice Message delivered to this phone in addition to the txt message.
Email Contacts: Your address will always be emailed the message.  You can add additional email address(es) for your personal email account(s).
Voice Only Line Contacts: Typically this would be a home number, and you will recieve an automated audio version of the email message.  This is particulary important for people  that don't check email or text messages often when home.
Make sure you click Save after adding or editing your information