Student Ambassador Program

Touro Law Student Ambassadors are a select group of enthusiastic students representing a diverse cross-section of the Touro Law student body. Ambassadors interact with prospective students on and off campus, network with alumni, employers and community members and help spread the word about all of the exciting developments at Touro Law!

Qualifications for appointment as a student ambassador: 

• Enthusiasm and pride for Touro Law Center
• Interest in helping prospective law students appreciate what sets Touro Law apart
• Willingness to attend and help meet and greet at one or more alumni or law school functions each semester
• Availability several evenings each semester to assist with annual fund calls to alumni
• Excellent communication and networking skills
• Ability to work with diversity at all levels (e.g., cultural, language, age, socioeconomic status, etc.)
• Professional demeanor

What does a student ambassador do? 

Ambassadors are volunteers who serve as a link between the Touro Law student body and all other law school constituencies. Prospective students want to hear about the student experience from current students. Alumni want to know about Touro today through the eyes of current students, and potential employers to get a sense of the general student body through the actions, demeanor, and professionalism of our ambassadors. Ambassadors may meet people in person, speak with people on the phone, and/or connect with people via social media. Ambassadors help others become energized and empowered by Touro Law.
Interested in learning more about the Ambassador program? Please contact Director of Student Services and Scholarship Aid Marie Fuzia at 631-761-7056.