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Touro Law Centers CLINICAL PROGRAMS Small Business Not-for-Profit Law Clinic Bankruptcy Clinic Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic Advanced Bankruptcy Clinic Disaster Relief Clinic Criminal Defense Clinic Criminal Prosecution Clinic Federal Prosecution Clinic Elder Law Clinic Family Law Clinic Immigration Law Clinic Veterans Servicemembers Rights Clinic 1. 2. 3. Table of Contents Serving the Economic Legal Needs of Clients Business Development Financial Distress Housing Loss Criminal Justice Criminal Defense Criminal Prosecution Federal Prosecution Serving Our Vulnerable Populations Families Senior Citizens Veterans Immigrants 631 761-7080 CLINICALPROGRAMSTOUROLAW.EDU Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center 225 Eastview Drive Central Islip NY 11722 FACEBOOK.COMTOUROLAWCLINICALPROGRAMS TOUROLAWCLINICS.WORDPRESS.COM A Message from Leif Rubinstein Director of Clinical Programs Clinics are an integral part of the educational process at Touro Law and a requirement for graduation. Available to upper level students clinics provide the opportunity to represent actual clients with real legal problems while working under the supervision of experienced attorney- professors. Under faculty supervision clinic students interview and advise clients prepare and file legal papers negotiate with other attorneys on behalf of the clients and appear on the record in court or at administrative hearings. By providing valuable opportunities for client interaction clinics help students develop essential lawyering skills such as interviewing fact-gathering research. Drafting legal documents and oral advocacy. Clinics also place students into professional situations where they explore ethical legal issues and begin to form their identities as attorneys. All clinics have a classroom component a weekly three- hour seminar during which students and faculty engage in case rounds discuss substantive law issues related to their particular clinic and practice lawyering skills through simulations and other activities. The seminar the client interaction the court appearances and the close individual supervision combine to provide our students with a clinic experience that transforms the law student into a legal professional. And just as importantly our students are helping to close the access to justice gaps for the most vulnerable populations in our region. SMALLBUSINESS NOT-FOR-PROFITLAWCLINIC This clinic assists individuals and community groups interested in creating and operating small businesses or non-profit organizations. Students provide initial and ongoing legal services to individual entrepreneurs local groups charities and other tax exempt institutions assisting them with such issues as the creation of corporate structure and by-laws government filings complying with federal state and local laws legal issues related to fundraising lobbying restrictions and individual and corporate liability. This experience was one of the most rewarding of my Touro Law career. I worked on a variety of tasks under faculty supervision with three distinct clients in different phases of forming or transforming their organizations in order to achieve favorable tax status. I have had the pleasure of keeping in contact with my clients and feel a great sense of satisfaction when their goals have been realized knowing that I was able to help them in their endeavors. Whether the job consists of creating corporate documents filing paperwork with the government or reassuring the party at hand the Clinic is a valuable practical learning experience for both students and their clients. Joel Simon 2013 Serving the Economic Legal Needs of Clients Business Development Financial Distress Housing Loss1. BANKRUPTCY CLINIC The Bankruptcy Clinic provides advice and representation to clients who are in financial distress. Students gather information from the clients and prepare documents and motions on their behalf culminating in filing the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petitions in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York. Following completion of the Petition students participate in Section 341 hearings with Bankruptcy Trustees and engage in motion practice before the Bankruptcy Judges. MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CLINIC Students in the Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic represent clients who are either already defending against or in danger of facing mortgage foreclosure proceedings on their homes. Under the close supervision of a practitioner-in-residence students assist clients with renegotiating mortgage terms in an effort to save their homes and represent clients in mandatory often adversarial conferences. Students also prepare and present defenses on behalf of their clients appearing before either a state court judge or a hearing referee. ADVANCED BANKRUPTCY CLINIC The Advanced Bankruptcy Clinic is designed to provide students who have completed the Bankruptcy Clinic or the Consumer Bankruptcy course with further training in bankruptcy law and practice. This clinic represents debtors in Chapter 13 matters in the Bankruptcy Court. Given the complexity of these matters students frequently appear in court to present and argue motions in adversary proceedings. Students who complete this clinic are well- prepared to handle virtually all consumer bankruptcy cases. DISASTER RELIEF CLINIC The Disaster Relief Clinic assists clients with all legal issues that have arisen as a result of Superstorm Sandy and its aftermath. Students represent clients in real estate and land use matters public benefits and public utilities issues FEMA claims and legal problems related to employment contractorconsumer and general insurance law. Given the diversity of legal matters students handle cases in both federal and state courts. They engage in both transactional law activities including preparing and processing insurance claims and in the early stages of litigation negotiating with adversaries and participating in court-monitored mediation. Working with the Disaster Relief Clinic was by far the most beneficial experience I had throughout my law school career. I participated in multiple mediations worked with flood victims of Superstorm Sandy and even got the chance to travel to Washington D.C. to attend the first ever Sandy Task Force meeting. The Disaster Relief Clinic gave me a platform to develop the skills and confidence necessary for a future practitioner. Whitney Steiner 2015 Criminal Justice Clinics Criminal Defense Criminal Prosecution Federal Prosecution CRIMINAL DEFENSE CLINIC The Criminal Defense Clinic affords students the opportunity to practice criminal law under the close supervision of senior attorneys at the Brooklyn Defenders Services. Students participate in all phases of criminal defense work from arraignment through trial. They accompany the supervising attorneys to court participate in client and witness interviews conduct investigations review documents draft motions and help develop case theories and litigation strategies in collaboration with experienced criminal defense attorneys. CRIMINAL PROSECUTION CLINIC The Criminal Prosecution Clinic offered at the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office in the Suffolk County District Court provides students with first- hand experience prosecuting real misdemeanor criminal cases working alongside an Assistant District Attorney. Students appear on the record before a Judge during criminal proceedings. They are closely supervised by an Assistant District Attorney and a member of the Faculty as they conduct investigations interview police and civilian witnesses negotiate dispositions and prepare for hearings and trials. FEDERAL PROSECUTION CLINIC The Federal Prosecution Clinic provides students with an opportunity to work in the office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Students are placed with a supervising Assistant U.S. Attorney in the criminal or civil division. The depth and range of cases investigated and prosecuted by the U.S. Attorneys Office expose students not only to traditional lawyering litigation skills but also to working collaboratively with other federal agencies. Students assigned to the criminal division work directly with FBI agents during the initial phases of the prosecutorial process. 2. My experiences have taught me that criminal defense work is all about finding the humanity in those who we represent. I believe that it is important to remember that everyone has a background and everyone has a story. I have always been someone who is fascinated by complexeven flawedindividuals and my externship experiences have taught me that crimes are the product of many different things from being a victim of a horrific upbringing to being an immature or hot-headed citizen. Catherine Gretschel 2015 FAMILY LAW CLINIC The Family Law Clinic represents clients in divorce child support child custody and visitation proceedings in the Suffolk County Supreme and Family Courts. Students interview their clients gather documents for submission to the court and advocate in writing and orally on behalf of their clients and their families. Family Law Clinic students regularly participate in judicial hearings before Child Support Magistrates and Family Court Referees dealing with the rights and responsibilities of spouses and the duties of parents to their children. Serving Our Vulnerable Populations Families Senior Citizens Veterans Immigrants ELDER LAW CLINIC The Elder Law Clinic provides direct legal services to elderly clients including guardianship matters Medicare and Medicaid advanced health care planning public benefits age discrimination pensions and consumer issues. Under faculty supervision students interact directly with clients appearing in court for guardianship proceedings and drafting health care proxies living wills powers of attorney and other documents. To provide a full array of services to their clients students are trained to utilize all social services available for the elderly. The time I spent working in with the Veterans and Servicemembers Rights clinic was one of the most valuable experiences I have had at Touro Law. The skills I obtained while working in the Veterans Clinic has prepared me for other internships I have received and helped distinguish myself from others. My clinic experience has fulfilled the promise Touro Law made to not just educate me but to prepare me for practice. Anthony Avitable 2016 3. IMMIGRATION LAW CLINIC The Immigration Law Clinic provides free legal services to Long Islands immigrant population who are in need of representation in either state court or federal administrative agencies. Students represent clients on diverse immigration matters including filing special visa petitions obtaining juvenile status for unaccompanied minors entering the country preparing and presenting asylum applications and assisting in naturalization and citizenship proceedings. While advocating for their clients students are exposed to the cultural economic and political forces that influence the treatment of immigrants within our legal system. VETERANS SERVICEMEMBERS RIGHTS CLINIC This clinic assists veterans and active service members in legal matters related to the special protections and unique burdens created by military service. Students represent veterans in civil litigation such as housing or employment discrimination in obtaining accommodations for disabilities under federal and state laws and in criminal defense proceedings in the problem-solving Veterans Court which links veteran defendants with diverse service providers. In addition to practicing all of the lawyering skills related to litigation students also assist veterans in securing entitlements through administrative agencies. CLINICAL PROGRAMS FACULTY Leif Rubinstein Director of Clinical Programs Director of the Mortgage Foreclosure Bankruptcy and Advanced Bankruptcy Clinics Marianne Artusio Director of the Elder Law Clinic William Bird Director of the Small Business and Not-for-Profit Clinic Nicole Boeckmann Director of the Federal Prosecution Clinic William Brooks Director of the Immigration Law Clinic John Buonora Director of the Criminal Prosecution Clinic Dorothy Hughes Joyce Kendrick Co-Directors of the Criminal Defense Clinic Lewis Silverman Director of the Family Law Clinic Kenneth Rosenblum Director of the Veterans Servicemembers Rights Clinic CLINICAL PROGRAMS STAFF ATTORNEYS Michelle Caldera Staff Attorney Immigration Law Clinic Joan Clay Practitioner in Residence Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic Stephanie Diemer Staff Attorney Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic Melissa Luckman Practitioner in Residence Disaster Relief Clinic Daniel Strafer Staff Attorney Disaster Relief Clinic ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Lila Mester Clinic Administrator Christina Lipski Paralegal Diana Castrellon Legal Assistant Susan Kanner Administrative Assistant 631 761-7080 CLINICALPROGRAMSTOUROLAW.EDU Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center 225 Eastview Drive Central Islip NY 11722 FACEBOOK.COMTOUROLAWCLINICALPROGRAMS TOUROLAWCLINICS.WORDPRESS.COM Touro Law Center is part of the Touro College and University System.