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SMALLBUSINESS NOT-FOR-PROFITLAWCLINIC This clinic assists individuals and community groups interested in creating and operating small businesses or non-profit organizations. Students provide initial and ongoing legal services to individual entrepreneurs local groups charities and other tax exempt institutions assisting them with such issues as the creation of corporate structure and by-laws government filings complying with federal state and local laws legal issues related to fundraising lobbying restrictions and individual and corporate liability. This experience was one of the most rewarding of my Touro Law career. I worked on a variety of tasks under faculty supervision with three distinct clients in different phases of forming or transforming their organizations in order to achieve favorable tax status. I have had the pleasure of keeping in contact with my clients and feel a great sense of satisfaction when their goals have been realized knowing that I was able to help them in their endeavors. Whether the job consists of creating corporate documents filing paperwork with the government or reassuring the party at hand the Clinic is a valuable practical learning experience for both students and their clients. Joel Simon 2013 Serving the Economic Legal Needs of Clients Business Development Financial Distress Housing Loss1.