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BANKRUPTCY CLINIC The Bankruptcy Clinic provides advice and representation to clients who are in financial distress. Students gather information from the clients and prepare documents and motions on their behalf culminating in filing the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petitions in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York. Following completion of the Petition students participate in Section 341 hearings with Bankruptcy Trustees and engage in motion practice before the Bankruptcy Judges. MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CLINIC Students in the Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic represent clients who are either already defending against or in danger of facing mortgage foreclosure proceedings on their homes. Under the close supervision of a practitioner-in-residence students assist clients with renegotiating mortgage terms in an effort to save their homes and represent clients in mandatory often adversarial conferences. Students also prepare and present defenses on behalf of their clients appearing before either a state court judge or a hearing referee. ADVANCED BANKRUPTCY CLINIC The Advanced Bankruptcy Clinic is designed to provide students who have completed the Bankruptcy Clinic or the Consumer Bankruptcy course with further training in bankruptcy law and practice. This clinic represents debtors in Chapter 13 matters in the Bankruptcy Court. Given the complexity of these matters students frequently appear in court to present and argue motions in adversary proceedings. Students who complete this clinic are well- prepared to handle virtually all consumer bankruptcy cases.