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Criminal Justice Clinics Criminal Defense Criminal Prosecution Federal Prosecution CRIMINAL DEFENSE CLINIC The Criminal Defense Clinic affords students the opportunity to practice criminal law under the close supervision of senior attorneys at the Brooklyn Defenders Services. Students participate in all phases of criminal defense work from arraignment through trial. They accompany the supervising attorneys to court participate in client and witness interviews conduct investigations review documents draft motions and help develop case theories and litigation strategies in collaboration with experienced criminal defense attorneys. CRIMINAL PROSECUTION CLINIC The Criminal Prosecution Clinic offered at the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office in the Suffolk County District Court provides students with first- hand experience prosecuting real misdemeanor criminal cases working alongside an Assistant District Attorney. Students appear on the record before a Judge during criminal proceedings. They are closely supervised by an Assistant District Attorney and a member of the Faculty as they conduct investigations interview police and civilian witnesses negotiate dispositions and prepare for hearings and trials. FEDERAL PROSECUTION CLINIC The Federal Prosecution Clinic provides students with an opportunity to work in the office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Students are placed with a supervising Assistant U.S. Attorney in the criminal or civil division. The depth and range of cases investigated and prosecuted by the U.S. Attorneys Office expose students not only to traditional lawyering litigation skills but also to working collaboratively with other federal agencies. Students assigned to the criminal division work directly with FBI agents during the initial phases of the prosecutorial process. 2. My experiences have taught me that criminal defense work is all about finding the humanity in those who we represent. I believe that it is important to remember that everyone has a background and everyone has a story. I have always been someone who is fascinated by complexeven flawedindividuals and my externship experiences have taught me that crimes are the product of many different things from being a victim of a horrific upbringing to being an immature or hot-headed citizen. Catherine Gretschel 2015