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IMMIGRATION LAW CLINIC The Immigration Law Clinic provides free legal services to Long Islands immigrant population who are in need of representation in either state court or federal administrative agencies. Students represent clients on diverse immigration matters including filing special visa petitions obtaining juvenile status for unaccompanied minors entering the country preparing and presenting asylum applications and assisting in naturalization and citizenship proceedings. While advocating for their clients students are exposed to the cultural economic and political forces that influence the treatment of immigrants within our legal system. VETERANS SERVICEMEMBERS RIGHTS CLINIC This clinic assists veterans and active service members in legal matters related to the special protections and unique burdens created by military service. Students represent veterans in civil litigation such as housing or employment discrimination in obtaining accommodations for disabilities under federal and state laws and in criminal defense proceedings in the problem-solving Veterans Court which links veteran defendants with diverse service providers. In addition to practicing all of the lawyering skills related to litigation students also assist veterans in securing entitlements through administrative agencies.