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CAREER SERVICES The Career Services Office supports our innovative experiential curriculum with group programs and one-on-one counseling sessions designed to maximize student potential and marketability. As a student youll meet with experienced career counselors from the start of your first year. As a Touro Law graduate you will have lifelong access to our counselors and a full range of professional development resources. Christopher Dor 15 In my time at Touro Law Center Ive been afforded the resources to participate in unique internship and externship opportunities. The mass support from the faculty and administration has been extremely encouraging. The sense of family that Touro Law fosters has significantly added to my overall law school experience. No application fee. We have launched a legal incubator for more than a dozen of our graduates to provide support as they establish small community-based law firms. The Center provides training in various areas of law as well as basic business practice. Members are also engaged in community-based justice initiatives designed to increase access to justice. COMMUNITY JUSTICE CENTER OF LONG ISLAND Touro Laws fellowship programs provide stipends for students who share a commitment to public interest law and wish to pursue this worthwhile endeavor throughout the country. Students work accross the United States for one summer with attorneys who are engaged in all types of public interest work including poverty law civil rights law or childrens rights. Students also work in public service with federal state and local government agencies. PUBLIC INTEREST LAW FELLOWSHIPS