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TOURO LAW COMPLETELY EXCEEDED ALL OF MY EXPECTATIONS. THANKS TO TOURO LAW I WAS READY TO START MY CAREER UPON GRADUATION AND THE PRACTICAL SKILLS I GAINED HELPED ME TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Tesla Carrasquillo 14 PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Through Touro Laws Portals to Practice learning program all students are immersed in a curriculum that incorporates classroom learning with hands-on lawyering opportunities. In the first year students are visiting the courthouses and helping unrepresented litigants with pro bono divorce cases. In the following years of law school students are working under faculty supervision to represent real clients with real cases. Proactive learning opportunities are matched with a students career goal and the experience increases incrementally from the first day of law school through graduation. This innovative curriculum is designed to give our graduates the edge they need to succeed in the practice of law.