Touro Law's Externship Program provides students with the opportunity to work in diverse areas of legal practice, develop essential lawyering skills, gain knowledge about particular fields of law, practice in specialized courts, and learn about how lawyers and law firms, government organizations and the courts operate. Every Touro Law student is guaranteed an externship experience for academic credit. Civil, judicial, and criminal law placements are available to students. Touro Law is home to the William Randolph Hearst Public Advocacy Center. The nationally recognized Center was developed to have an impact on social justice, legal training, and the lives of countless individuals in and beyond the local community. In this unique setting, more than a dozen not- for-profit organizations are housed within the Law School’s Public Advocacy Center providing hands-on learning experiences. Students work side by side with public interest attorneys to impact the lives of individual Long Islanders by working on all facets of legal representation, including litigation. EXTERNSHIPS PUBLIC ADVOCACY CENTER LEARN TO BE A LAWYER | 11