TOURO IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Students participate in many programs designed to provide hands-on learning while providing access to legal services and knowledge for our neighbors. Courthouse Collaboration Our location, adjacent to the federal and state courthouses, provides us with a unique opportunity to combine law school learning with courtroom experience. By bringing together members of the Bench, the Bar and the Academy, our students are offered a comprehensive practical legal education. Mock Trial Program Touro launched a mock trial program at a local high school which introduced their students to the legal system and serves to illustrate the benefits of a legal education. Touro students participating in our Trial Advocacy Program lead this exciting ongoing experience which culminates with a mock trial presided over and judged by a member of the judiciary. Street Law Program The Street Law curriculum, taught in local high schools by Touro students teaches the basics of laws that teenagers may face in their daily lives. Students learn about human rights, crime prevention, justice and democracy. This program exposes students to the law and their rights. Justice For All Program Touro Law, in partnership with several local legal entities including the Suffolk County Courts, Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County, Nassau Suffolk Law Services and the Suffolk County Bar Association, is working on a State initiative called Justice For All. This project was designed to provide effective legal assistance to those facing challenges involving the essentials of life such as housing, family matters, access to health care, education, immigration and subsistence income. The project is a unique pilot program taking legal assistance to local residents in need, meeting in the community at libraries and social service centers. Students make an impact while studying various legal issues. 12 | LEARN TO BE A LAWYER