Touro Law Center’s Externship Program allows students to work in specific fields of law, gain exposure to highly technical or unusual legal skills, practice in specialized courts, or perform legal work that calls upon unique talents or knowledge. The placement
  • May be with a private law office, the court system, or the law office of a public interest or government employer
  • Must be supervised by an admitted attorney or judge
  • May not involve any compensation
Every Touro Law student is guaranteed an externship experience for academic credit.
All externships will carry three (3) credits, involving a minimum of fourteen (14) classroom hours and 140 hours of field placement per semester. The semester will begin and end with classroom hours, required for all sections of Civil Practice, Criminal Practice and Judicial Externships. There will be several sections of the Civil Practice Externship, each section focused on specific practice areas, such as local government, personal injury, elder law and health law, immigration, entertainment law. During the semester, students will also be required to attend four (4) professional development presentations on topics such as networking skills, effective communication, persuasive writing, ethical decision-making, technology and effective lawyering, diversity and conflict in the workplace, professional interaction.
Students may elect to take more than one externship. A second externship will carry two (2) credits and consist of a minimum of 140 hours of field placement plus four (4) additional professional development sessions, different from the ones previously taken.


Independent Externships

Any student enrolled in an upper division course may earn externship credit for legal work related to the subject matter of the course.  To earn credit, the work must be performed during the same semester as the related course and:

  • Approved by the faculty member teaching the course and the Director of Externship Programs. The student must secure a written description of the placement and the duties to be performed from the supervising attorney or judge. The faculty member teaching the related course must determine whether the externship will entail substantive legal experiences appropriate for academic credit, whether the work will be relevant to the course and whether adequate supervision of the student's work will be provided.
  •  Supervised only by a full‑time faculty memberThe supervising faculty member will specify the criteria necessary to complete the externship and receive externship credits. These may include maintaining a journal of activities, making oral or written presentations to the class, periodic meetings with the faculty member, submission of work performed in the placement, submission of other written reports or papers regarding placement activities and/or other similar requirements.

Although the student may identify an externship placement, Professor Lawrence Raful, the Director of Externship Programs, and the Office of Career Services can assist in locating and contacting suitable placements. Externship forms may be obtained from the Office of Clinical and Externship Programs  

Externship Seminars

Civil Practice Externship (5 credits)

Touro Law's Civil Practice Externship allows students to work in a wide variety of law office placements – private law firms, corporate law departments, government offices, public interest organizations, and non-profit settings—while examining the professional, ethical, personal, and financial pressures inherent in the practice of law. It is designed to give students insight into the workings of legal institutions and the legal system; to provide hands-on experience in the varied and complex skills required to practice law, and to emphasize the importance of counseling and planning to a successful professional career. Their experiences enable them to begin to set for themselves standards of professional skill and demeanor, as well as client and colleague relationships.

Criminal Law Externship (5 credits)

Students in the Criminal Law Externsip must work a minimum of 140 hours at a District Attorney's Office, a Public Defenders Office, or the office of a private defense attorney (working on a pro bono project).

Judicial Clerkship Externship (5 credits)

Clerkships provide the opportunity to observe the confidential workings of a court and to experience litigation from a judge's perspective. The Judicial Clerkship Externship combines a placement as a clerk in the chambers of a trial or appellate judge with a weekly three-hour seminar focusing on various aspects of litigation and the judicial process.

For additional information

Externship forms may be obtained from the Office of Clinical and Externship Programs or the Office of Career Services. For more information about externship programs, please contact Lawrence Raful, Director of Externship Programs at (631) 761-7123 or lraful@tourolaw.edu.