Touro Law Center’s Externship Program provides our students with the opportunity to work in diverse areas of legal practice, develop essential lawyering skills, gain knowledge about particular fields of law, practice in specialized courts, and learn about how lawyers and law firms, government organizations and the courts operate.
Every Touro Law student is guaranteed an externship experience for academic credit.
Touro Law students may be placed in different types of settings, usually classified as civil, judicial (federal and state) or criminal (prosecution and defense). 
The placements include:
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  • private law office 
  • the courts
  • law office of public interest organizations
  • federal, state and local government employers
See Touro Law's Placement Opportunities.
All externships carry three (3) credits and include both a fieldwork and classroom component.
  • Fieldwork Component: a minimum of 140 hours of field placement per semester
  • Classroom Component: Classes include four (4) hours of professional development workshops
Students may elect to take a second externship (the “Advanced Externship”) after they have successfully completed their first externship. The second externship will carry two (2) credits and consist of a minimum of 140 hours of field placement and (4) additional professional development sessions, different from the ones previously taken during the first externship. Students will be asked to communicate periodically with the externship director. The sole requirement for the “Advanced Externship” is attendance at 4 professional development workshops. No classroom hours are required.

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Externship forms may be downloaded here


For additional information

For more information about externship programs, please contact Margarett Williams, Director of Externship Programs at (631) 761-7035 or mwilliams@tourolaw.edu.