Touro Law Center’s Externship Program allows students to work in specific fields of law, gain exposure to highly technical or unusual legal skills, practice in specialized courts, or perform legal work that calls upon unique talents or knowledge. The placement
  • May be with a private law office, the court system, or the law office of a public interest or government employer
  • Must be supervised by an admitted attorney or judge
  • May not involve any compensation
Every Touro Law student is guaranteed an externship experience for academic credit.
All externships will carry three (3) credits, involving a minimum of fourteen (14) classroom hours and 140 hours of field placement per semester. The semester will begin and end with classroom hours, required for all sections of Civil Practice, Criminal Practice and Judicial Externships. There will be several sections of the Civil Practice Externship, each section focused on specific practice areas, such as local government, personal injury, elder law and health law, immigration, entertainment law. During the semester, students will also be required to attend four (4) professional development presentations on topics such as networking skills, effective communication, persuasive writing, ethical decision-making, technology and effective lawyering, diversity and conflict in the workplace, professional interaction.
Students may elect to take more than one externship. A second externship will carry two (2) credits and consist of a minimum of 140 hours of field placement plus four (4) additional professional development sessions, different from the ones previously taken.

For additional information

Externship forms may be obtained from the Office of Clinical and Externship Programs or the Office of Career Services. For more information about externship programs, please contact Margarett Williams, Director of Externship Programs at (631) 761-7035 or mwilliams@tourolaw.edu.