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Alumni Reunion 2014

Our Reunion Program welcomes alumni celebrating their 5th,10th, 20th, 25th and 30th year reunions. A unique opportunity to learn about the numerous changes taking place in the curriculum as well as innovative new programs and initiatives, your reunion is a great way to reconnect with your former classmates, faculty and friends to reminisce about your days at Touro Law Center.  
On November 15, 2014 We Celebrated Members of the Classes of 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009 during an evening filled with fun, laughter, memories and school spirit!
  Classes with the Most Reunion Giving and Spirit: 
"The Class with the Highest Total Dollars Raised" 1994
"The Class with the Highest Percentage of Participation" 1984
"The Class with the Most Alumni in Attendance at the Reunion"  1994 
"The Class with Highest Total Miles Traveled to Attend the Reunion!"  1994
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**Reunion giving is integral to the Reunion Program.  All reunion class gifts will support student scholarships. 
Thank You to the Reunion 2014 Committee!
Class of 1984
Howard Bruder Harris Litwak
Bruce Gould Steve Magid
Philip Kerstein Eileen Nadelson
Cheryl Kitton David Rosenbaum;
Class of 1989
Murray Daniel Bach Michael Markowitz
Scott Cohen Mark Murray
Joe Marger
Class of 1994
Nancy Elliis 
Kalimah Jenkins
Lawrence Ferreria Lewis Lubell
Barbara Green Denise Marzano-Doty
Melissa Greenberger
Class of 1999
Vicky Campos Joseph Kilada
Erica Edwards-O'Neal Michael J. Larson
Giovanna Ferdenzi Violet Samuels
Class of 2004
Virgina Alvarez Sheila Johnson
Albert Breud Greg Testa
Class of 2009  
Crysti Farra Ray Malone
Olga Lankios Denise Santangelo
Evan Lerner Cherice Vanderhall
The 2015 Reunion Committee is currently in formation. To join or for additional information, please call the Alumni Office at (631) 761-7063 or email