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Where Your Gift Goes

The Annual Fund
The Annual Fund helps to make up the difference between what tuition revenues provide and the day-to-day operating costs of running the school. Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted gifts, and they enable the Law School to provide scholarships and financial aid, add books to the library, support innovative institutes, programs, lectures and conferences, enhance technology, and a variety of other enrichment and academic activities.

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Endowments and Scholarships
Endowment Funds and other restricted gifts enable alumni to make a significant donation to the Law School for a specific purpose. Targeted gifts to the Law Library, Clinics, and Institutes provide the opportunity to be generous to the Law School in an area in which the donor might have a special connection or affinity:

  • The William Randolph Hearst Endowment allows students in need to receive small grants to pay for books, transportation and child care expenses on an emergency basis.
  • The Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program pays a stipend to students who take summer positions in public interest organizations.

Scholarships and Awards provide an excellent way to honor a friend or family member or to put your own name on a gift that will help to support the legal education of a promising student. Touro Law Center currently offers:

  • Sidney R. and Walter Siben Fellowships, a gift of the late Sidney and Walter Siben, founding partners of the Siben & Siben Law Firm to augment the Law Center’s policy of recognizing students with significant potential. 
  • Susan M. Dietrich Clyne ’88 Memorial Scholarship
  • Fay and Saul Starr Scholarship, awarded to an academically gifted student.
  • Bess & Sam Zeigen Fellowship created by Marshall (Buddy) Zeigen in honor of his parents. To be awarded for academic excellence.
  • Fannie and Samuel Glickstein Public Interest Fellowship
  • David Berg Fellowships 
  • Brian Lord Public Interest Law Award presented annually to the graduating student who has most demonstrated and exemplifies a special commitment to public interest law during the recipient's law school tenure. 
  • Alumni Association Academic Achievement Award to the full-time and part-time students with the highest GPA in their respective divisions, one year prior to their graduation.   
  • Bessie Ray Geffner Memorial Award
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez Book Award honors a second-year student who best exemplifies the ideals of caring, dedication and self-sacrifice established by Ms. Gonzalez, an exemplary third-year student who was tragically killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver in December 1992.
  • Michael Aaron Silver Award presented to a student for promoting tolerance and harmony among the diverse elements of the Law Center community.
  • Ronni D. Cohen Class Orator Award bestowed upon the graduate chosen by the class to speak on their behalf.

If you are interested in creating an endowment, scholarship or award, please contact Assistant Dean Linda Howard Weissman in the Office of Institutional Advancement via e-mail or call 631.761.7061.

The Howard A. Glickstein Loan Forgiveness Fund

Most students borrow substantial sums of money to attend law school. While this is an investment in their future, at some point student loan indebtedness can become crippling. Average debt for a Touro Law student today is more than $120,000. Touro Law, like many other law schools, has funds designed to encourage graduates to go into public interest law. Graduates dedicated to public service and the nonprofit sector and willing to accept the financial sacrifice that goes with those positions should be encouraged to follow their career choice.

To help graduates financially in that worthy pursuit, Touro Law created a Loan Forgiveness Fund several years ago. Through the generosity of individual donors and the student-sponsored Public Interest Wine & Cheese Reception, the Fund has steadily increased.

I would like to make a gift to the Howard A. Glickstein Loan Forgiveness Fund

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Touro Law Center Building Fund

More than 15 years ago, Touro Law Center, under the guidance of Dean Emeritus Howard Glickstein, made plans to build a new law school on an integrated law campus. This bold move required a capital campaign to raise the funds to build a new facility. With a very young alumni base and more than a few skeptics, Touro Law Center moved forward with a Capital Campaign. We approached alumni, as well as the public and private sector, including individuals, corporations and foundations. We utilized special events and major gift solicitations. Eventually, we successfully raised close to $20 million: a figure of which the Touro Law Center community is very proud.

Today, opportunities are still available to raise money for the Building Fund:

To learn about specific naming and giving opportunities, contact Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement Linda Howard Weissman by phone at 631.761.7061 or via e-mail

Take-A-Seat Campaign

Our Take-A-Seat Campaign was originally designed to give alumni an affordable and meaningful way to contribute to the Touro Law Capital Campaign. But along the way, we received so many requests from the families of Touro Law graduates and graduating students to honor the accomplishments of their sons, daughters and spouses, we opened the Campaign to family members as well. To date, we have raised more than $140,000 from alumni and their families.

You can participate in the “Take-A-Seat” campaign by:

If you are a graduate, we will engrave your name and class year on a plate on the back of a chair:

John Smith
Class of 2008

If you are a family member of a graduate, we will engrave your graduate’s name and class year as well as indicate your gift on the chair plate: 

A Gift of
Joseph & Jane Smith
In Honor of
John Smith
Class of 2008

For more information, contact Assistant Dean Linda Howard Weissman at
631.761.7061 or via e-mail.

Moot Court Naming Opportunity

Patterned after a similar program that successfully named the Law Review Office, the Moot Court Naming Opportunity:

  • Seeks 20 individual contributions from current or alumni members of the Moot Court Board to donate $5,000 each, which will be paid in installments of $1,000 over a five-year period.
  • Honors each contributor by having his or her name and class year engraved on a brass plaque on display at the entrance to the Moot Court Office, as well as on the Distinguished Wall of Honor in the Atrium.

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Barrister’s Club Program

Since Touro Law is a relatively young school, many of our alumni have not yet reached their full philanthropic potential – thus making law firm fundraising more difficult for the Law Center than for other well-established schools. The Barrister’s Club is designed to address this need, providing law firms with a vehicle that is both philanthropic as well as financially practical. Members of the Barrister’s Club currently include: Dorsey & Whitney LLP; Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP; Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP; Jaspan Schlesinger LLP; and Dilworth & Barrese, LLP.

Law firms may choose to join the Barrister’s Club at one of two levels:

  • $50,000 level over five years, providing a $50,000 naming opportunity from those available
  • $25,000 level over five years, providing a $25,000 naming opportunity from those available

Benefits of Membership

In addition to the room-naming opportunity, the five-year membership in the Barrister’s Club includes: 

  • A listing on the Touro Law Center Donor Wall of Honor
  • VIP invitations to special events
  • Touro Law Library
    • Use of the book collections during Library business hours
    • On-site reference service
    • Access to Touro Law Center Electronic Collection*
  • Concierge privileges
    • Conference Room reservations on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Desk space/fax/limited copy machine/phone access/wireless environment
    • Use of Touro Law Center’s Trial Classrooms for Client prep – on a space-available basis
  • No charge for Touro Law Center Continuing Legal Education programs
  • No charge for Continuing Legal Education videos

*Licensing allowing – No Lexis or Westlaw services in absence of law firm password

To find out more about the Barrister’s Club, contact Assistant Dean Linda Howard Weissman at 631.761.7061 or via e-mail.

Endowed Professorships

For the past 25 years, Touro Law Center has successfully attracted faculty with the finest credentials. But in today’s financial climate, the competition for scholars and good teachers has intensified, making higher salaries and greater faculty support essential to attract and retain such a high-caliber faculty. Finding excellence requires persistence and financial resources.

Endowed Full Professorships (Endowed Chairs)
Annual income from endowments established for the purpose of offering full professorships to distinguished faculty can make a substantial contribution to the chair holder’s compensation and helps the Law Center to attract and retain scholars and teachers of extraordinary worth.

Endowed Summer Research Professorships
The endowment of summer research professorships provides significant summer support for productive scholars. Appointments for these summer grants are not based on seniority but on scholarly productivity. Accordingly, summer research professorships provide a meaningful way to recognize, reward, and encourage faculty productivity.

Endowed Visiting Professorships
The endowment of visiting professors would enable the Law Center to attract distinguished scholars and teachers for a semester or two – in curricular areas that are not fully covered by current faculty. They are an excellent way to expand our course offerings that is responsive to curricular needs, especially in areas of emerging interests.

Endowed Lectureships
At Touro Law, we have always maintained a tradition of bringing distinguished practitioners and jurists to visit the Law School for intensive two-day visits. They are central to the Law Center’s ability to enrich and augment the curriculum. We have focused particularly on our Distinguished Jurist-in-Residence Program, The Howard A. Glickstein Annual Lecture on Civil Rights and Public Policy, the Bruce K. Gould Book Award and the Distinguished Public Interest Lawyer-in-Residence.  For many of our students, and our alumni they have been a memorable highlight of the academic year.

To find out more about these endowment opportunities, contact Assistant Dean Linda Howard Weissman by phone at 631.761.7061 or via e-mail.