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The Law Graduate Fellowship Program

Touro Law Center has created an innovative program to benefit both law firms and entry level attorneys seeking employment.

 About the Program

The current economic downturn has had an impact on legal employment felt most strongly by those seeking entry level positions in the private sector. At the same time, law firms facing increased competition need assistance as they grow, but may not have the resources to add to their staff. Touro Law Center has created an innovative program that is advantageous to both new graduates and law firms: The Law Graduate Fellowship Program.

Does your firm have:

·         An upcoming research project that will result in a memorandum on a particular topic of law?

·         A need for exhaustive document review and digesting?

·         A lengthy and in-depth trial that requires more staffing than you can afford to spare from other firm obligations?


This program is a way to fill those needs, by taking a prospective employee for a test-run and giving the graduate invaluable experience.



Benefits for the Employer

·         Firms can hire new graduates at a minimum salary of $25 per hour for up to 20 hours per week.

·         Fellows are hired for a 6 month work period from mid-September through mid-March.

·         Criteria for hiring a Fellow is created by the firm and candidates. Apply directly to the Career Services office.

·         Firms can train “new associates” without committing to the creation of a permanent position.

·         Firms may hire the Fellow upon completion of the program if desired.


Benefits for the Fellow

·         Enhanced working legal experience.

·         Development of marketable legal and professional skills.

·         Networking and reputation building with practicing attorneys.


How the Program Works

Employers sign on for the Fellowship Program and note the salary, hours and type of work their Fellow will be performing, and any other hiring criteria such as class rank, GPA, and extracurricular activities. In April, graduating students still seeking employment would be able to access the information of participating employers, and may apply for a Fellowship by submitting a resume, writing sample, and any other materials requested by an employer. A resume collection would be made by the Career Services Office to verify that the requirements of the employer are met prior to resume forwarding to the employer. By the end of May, each employer would make a selection of one (or more) graduating students. Graduating students who were not selected would be placed on a waiting list. In the event a Fellow finds a permanent position prior to the commencement or during the term of the Fellowship, the supporting employer would be given the opportunity to select a replacement Fellow from the waiting list to complete the Fellowship term. We anticipate that all participants in the program, Fellows and employers, will be flexible in their approach to fulfilling the goals of the Program.


How to Apply
Employers simply fill out the Fellowship application form, providing their information and hiring requirements, and will receive a list of applicants in late April. Employers may interview individuals to determine the selection of a Fellow (or Fellows) for that year. On the second Monday of September, the Fellows will report to their employers to start work.


More Information
The Fellowship Program is administered by Robin E. Nackman, Esq., Director of Employer Relations. If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact Robin by email,, telephone, (631) 761-7048 or fax, (631) 761-7039.
To view see a copy of the program brochure, click here.