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 On this page, you will find a selection of articles published by the LUSD Institute, faculty affiliates, and student fellows.

  • The subject of land use law in America is covered comprehensively in two books published by Thompson/West. Dean Patricia Salkin is the co-author with Professor John Nolon of Land Use Law in a Nutshell and Land Use and Community Development, Cases and Materials, where they are joined by Professor Morton Gitleman.
  • Michael Lewyn, Plans are not Enough, 42 Real Est. L.J. 240 (2013).
  • Michael Lewyn, SEQRA and Infill, 27 Mun. Law. 16 (2013).
  • Michael Lewyn published an essay, Why (And How) Conservatives Should Support Smart Growth, in 42 Real Est. L.J. 388 (2013).
  • Ann Nowak, Applying Mathematical Set Theory to Statutory Construction of Municipal Sign Laws, 27 Mun. Law. 22 (2013).