Touro Law Welcomes New Staff Attorney in the Disaster Relief Clinic
Posted On October 7, 2016
Touro Law Center Dean Harry Ballan is pleased to announce the hiring of Ambika Raghunandan, Class of... Read More
E.D.N.Y. Mediation Settlement Day Luncheon and CLE to Be Held at Touro Law on October 20, 2016
Posted On October 5, 2016
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New Director of Externship Programs Appointed at Touro Law
Posted On September 28, 2016
Touro Law Dean Harry Ballan has named Professor Marjorie Silver the new Director of Externship Progr... Read More
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Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work Study (FWS) funds are generally awarded for employment during the summer months and on a limited basis during the academic year.  These awards provide students opportunity for resumé building, as well as help offset student loan debt.  FWS students may be employed at the Law Center, in off-campus government agencies, or in nonprofit organizations.  Pay rate is $11 per hour.  The American Bar Association (ABA) prohibits full-time law students from working in excess of 20 hours per week while school is in session.

Summer Federal Work Study Program

During the summer, Touro Law offers Federal Work Study funding to students who would enage in otherwise unpaid internships with nonprofit organizations or public sector agencies and offices. Over the recent past students have interned a myriad of agencies such as the District Attorney’s Offices, Legal Aid Society, Public Defender’s Offices as well as, U.S. District Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court and other State and County Courts.  
Students can earn up to $3,850 at a pay rate of $11/hr through the Federal Work Study Program, which subsidizes the payroll of qualified nonprofit organizations (501.3c) or government agencies that hire students. Under this program, federal government pays a portion (75%) of the student's wages and Touro Law pays the balance (25%), providing an excellent opportunity for students to secure academic or career-oriented employment with an approved agency. In turn, students who accept a summer work study award are expected to save a portion of their earnings to help meet the cost of attending law school during the following academic year. The government requires the student's financial aid eligibility to be reduced at a rate that is based upon the student's requested summer work study amount. In order to be eligible for this program a student must demonstrate need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online at  
Funds will be distributed on a “first come- first served”  basis. This is determined by the electronic time stamp on your e-signature on the Notice of Intent Form, at submission. No applications will be accepted after May 31st, 2013. Summer Federal Work Study Awards will be announced by student e-mail on April 29th, 2013. Student applicants do not need to have a placement or job offer secured,  in order to complete the Notice of Intent and FAFSA but should have a job offer by April 29th, 2013.

For additional information, please contact:
Bonnie Griff 
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Rm 303
Phone: 631.761.7020