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Closed & Cancelled Courses

Students may not attend closed courses until they are notified by Touro e-mail that a Seat is available and they complete a drop/add form in the Registrar’s Office.

Last Updated: 1/16/2017 1:41:41 PM

Semester: SPRING 2017
Law 7120 Accounting for Lawyers Course Description TBA Cancelled
Law 7510 Advanced Persuasive Writing Course Descriptions TBA Cancelled
Law 7343 American Legal Studies Practicum TBA Closed
Law 7344 American Legal Studies Practicum TBA Closed
Law 7346 American Legal Studies Practicum TBA Closed
Law 6330 Criminal Procedure Practice Module Description TBA Cancelled
Law 8640 Criminal Prosecution Clinic TBA Cancelled
Law 7430 Drafting Commercial Documents Course Description TBA Closed
Law 16190 Expert Legal Systems: Increasing A2J Through Automation Description Jack Graves Cancelled
Law 893A Family Law Clinic Description TBA Cancelled
Law 8990 Judicial Externship The Hon. Joseph Pastoressa Closed
Law 6450 Jurisprudence TBA Cancelled
Law 6140 New York Legal Research Laura Ross Closed
Law 7061 Trial Practice Frederick Brewington Closed
Law 8410 Trial Practice: Criminal TBA Cancelled