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Closed & Cancelled Courses

Students may not attend closed courses until they are notified by Touro e-mail that a Seat is available and they complete a drop/add form in the Registrar’s Office.

Last Updated: 8/16/2017 2:40:07 PM

Semester: FALL 2017
Law 8080 American Trial Courts: Introduction to NY St Court Practice TBA Cancelled
Law 8090 American Trial Courts: Theory & Practice in Federal Courts TBA Cancelled
Law 8850 Bankruptcy Clinic Course Description Leif Rubinstein Closed
Law 9670 Children & the Law Course Description Myra Berman Closed
Law 8630 Criminal Defense Clinic Description Dorothy Hughes Closed
Law 8690 Disaster Relief Clinic Course Description Melissa Luckman Closed
Law 7430 Drafting Commercial Documents Course Description Jim Montes Closed
Law 7900 Education Law Course Description TBA Cancelled
Law 7760 Employment Discrimination Law Course Description TBA Cancelled
Law 8930 Family Law Clinic Description Danielle Schwager Closed
Law 9370 First Amendment Seminar Description Sol Wachtler Closed
Law 17540 Human Trafficking Course Description Stephen Ukeiley Closed
Law 8610 Immigration Law Clinic William M. Brooks Closed
Law 8120 Intellectual Property TBA Cancelled
Law 6960 Interviewing, Negotiating, and Counseling* Lynne Adair Kramer Closed
Law 17120 Introduction to Compliance TBA Cancelled
Law 7090 Pre-Trial Litigation TBA Cancelled
Law 8420 Trial Practice: Civil Lynne Adair Kramer Closed
Law 8410 Trial Practice: Criminal Frederick Brewington Closed