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Closed & Cancelled Courses

Students may not attend closed courses until they are notified by Touro e-mail that a Seat is available and they complete a drop/add form in the Registrar’s Office.

Last Updated: 8/17/2014 12:27:02 PM

Semester: FALL 2014
Law 734U American Legal Studies Practicum TBA Cancelled
Law 808A American Trial Courts: Introduction to NY State Court Practice TBA Cancelled
Law 809A American Trial Courts: Theory & Practice in the Federal Courts TBA Cancelled
Law 950U Bio-Medical Ethics TBA Cancelled
Law 770BA Business Organizations I Meredith R. Miller Closed
Law 677A Business Organizations Practice Module TBA Cancelled
Law 677PU Business Organizations Practice Module TBA Cancelled
Law 639U Comparative Constitutional Law TBA Cancelled
Law 750U Creditors' Rights TBA Cancelled
Law 633PU Criminal Procedure Practice Module TBA Cancelled
Law 633PA Criminal Procedure Practice Module TBA Cancelled
Law 845U E-Discovery TBA Cancelled
Law 777AN Employment Law TBA Cancelled
Law 693A Environmental Crimes TBA Cancelled
Law 694PA Environmental Law Practice Module TBA Cancelled
Law 783A Estate & Gift Taxation TBA Cancelled
Law 640U Evidence Fabio Arcila, Jr. Closed
Law 640A Evidence Eileen Kaufman Closed
Law 667PU Family Law Practice Module TBA Cancelled
Law 866A Family Violence TBA Closed
Law 800UN Immigration Law TBA Cancelled
Law 696A Interviewing, Negotiating, and Counseling* Lynne Adair Kramer Closed
Law 696U Interviewing, Negotiating, and Counseling* TBA Cancelled
Law 899UN Judicial Clerkship Externship TBA Cancelled
Law 772U Labor Law TBA Cancelled
Law 981A Law & Medicine: Medical Malpractice TBA Closed
Law 980A Law & Medicine: Selected Topics in Law, Medicine, & Ethics TBA Cancelled
Law 716A Law Practice Management TBA Cancelled
Law 991A New Paradigms in Law & Lawyering TBA Cancelled
Law 709U Pre-Trial Litigation Peter Ausili Cancelled
Law 676AN Remedies TBA Cancelled
Law 704U Settling Legal Disputes: Negotiation, Mediation & Mediation Representation TBA Cancelled
Law 669U Sex-Based Discrimination TBA Cancelled
Law 824A Special Education Law TBA Cancelled
Law 706U Trial Practice TBA Cancelled
Law 706A Trial Practice Lynne Adair Kramer Closed