b'TOURO COLLEGE JACOB D. FUCHSBERG LAW CENTERS 40TH ANNIVERSARY GALAWith appreciation to our Touro Family,who have always supported studentsboth academically and financially.You have given us the opportunityto achieve our dreams!I want to dedicate my life to serving others, especially those who cannot help themselves. Obtaining my law degree will help me further my goals, which include hopefully working within the healthcare industry or with human tracking victims.Shanell Blanchard, 2L, FlexTime Program _______________________________________________e Touro community is tight-knit group, which mean the faculty and sta are always ready and willing to help us.ey all have so much knowledge, and they give you theadvice that you need to be successful. ats somethingyou cant get anywhere else. Ramon Cabrera, 3L, 3 Year Program _______________________________________________ Attending law school as a mother to two young daughters has been the most challenging experience of my life; but it has also been the most rewarding. It has allowed me to inspire them to follow their dreams and become strong women, no matter what obstacles they may face. I will do everything I can to be the voice for those children who are often overlooked.Bridget Dyer, 2L, 2 Year Program'