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FAMILY LAW CLINIC The Family Law Clinic represents clients in divorce child support child custody and visitation proceedings in the Suffolk County Supreme and Family Courts. Students interview their clients gather documents for submission to the court and advocate in writing and orally on behalf of their clients and their families. Family Law Clinic students regularly participate in judicial hearings before Child Support Magistrates and Family Court Referees dealing with the rights and responsibilities of spouses and the duties of parents to their children. Serving Our Vulnerable Populations Families Senior Citizens Veterans Immigrants ELDER LAW CLINIC The Elder Law Clinic provides direct legal services to elderly clients including guardianship matters Medicare and Medicaid advanced health care planning public benefits age discrimination pensions and consumer issues. Under faculty supervision students interact directly with clients appearing in court for guardianship proceedings and drafting health care proxies living wills powers of attorney and other documents. To provide a full array of services to their clients students are trained to utilize all social services available for the elderly. The time I spent working in with the Veterans and Servicemembers Rights clinic was one of the most valuable experiences I have had at Touro Law. The skills I obtained while working in the Veterans Clinic has prepared me for other internships I have received and helped distinguish myself from others. My clinic experience has fulfilled the promise Touro Law made to not just educate me but to prepare me for practice. Anthony Avitable 2016 3.