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Two-Year Honors J.D. Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Two-Year Honors J.D. Program?

The Two-Year Honors J.D. Program is an accelerated degree program that provides qualified applicants with the opportunity to earn a Juris Doctor degree during a concentrated and rigorous 24-month period. Because it is an honors program, substantial merit scholarships are available for students admitted into the program.

2. What will my schedule be like during my two years at Touro?

A detailed schedule is available here. Generally, you will be in classes from late May of your first-year through mid-May of your second year. There will be several breaks lasting one to two weeks over the course of the two years. But generally you will be maintaining a full-time presence at the law school for your 24-month program.

3. Who is eligible to apply?

If you complete all of the requirements for your Bachelor’s Degree by the start of our summer semester (which begins on the Tuesday after Memorial Day), then you are eligible to apply for the Two-Year J.D. Honors Program.

4. What are the minimum LSAT scores/GPA that will qualify me for this program?

Although there are no minimum numbers for LSAT scores or GPA, this is a rigorous and challenging program. Therefore only those candidates with strong academic credentials will be considered for admission.

5. What is the application process?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with a deadline for applying of April 15. The April 15th deadline means that the latest LSAT score that can be considered is your score on the February test. Within two to three weeks of submitting your applications, Touro Law Center’s Admissions Office will contact you regarding the status of your application. If you are eligible for admission, you will be invited to visit the law school and meet with the Dean and other faculty/administrators.

6. Does the Two-Year Honors J.D. Program cost less than the traditional 3 year program?

Yes. This is true for at least two reasons. First, because of your strong academic credentials, you are guaranteed a substantial merit scholarship. In fact, your credentials may be strong enough for you to qualify for a Dean’s Fellowship that would cover your entire tuition for the two years of study. Second, although two-year students pay the same tuition per credit as students in the three-year program, they save money by not having to pay an additional year of school-related living expenses.

7. When does the program end and when will I take the bar exam?

Classes for the two-year program end in the spring semester (students start in the summer; do a full academic year with a winter session, another summer and another full academic year). Students in this program can take the July bar exam after graduation.

8. Will I be integrated into the student body, and if so, with which class?

During your first year, you will be fully integrated into first year (“1L”) classes as well as second-year (“2L”) classes. This will give you the benefit of becoming acquainted with both first-year and upper level students. During your second year, you will be integrated into classes with the third-year (“3L”) students and become part of that graduating class.

9. Given the immersive nature of the two-year program, will I still be able to participate in the academic and co-curricular life at the law school?

Yes. Touro Law Center will provide you with a faculty advisor through the Office of Student Services. Even before your first semester begins, we will work with you on arranging your schedule so that you are able to complete a concentration, participate in the activities of the Student Bar Association and other student organizations, and compete for membership on either the Law Review or the Moot Court Board.

10. As a two-year student, will I be able to take an externship or a clinic?

Yes. Both of these opportunities are built into your schedule. The Two-Year Honors Program includes an externship opportunity and a clinic during your second year at the law school.

11. Will I be able to take advantage of the Career Services Office (“CSO”) on-campus interviews, job fairs, and all other job-related activities?

Yes, you will be assigned a Career Counselor and all job-related activities of the CSO will be made available to you. By the fall semester of your second year, you will have completed a sufficient number of credits to be given the same opportunities as the graduating class.

12. If I apply to the Two-Year program but am not admitted, will I automatically be considered for the traditional 3-Year JD program?

Yes. The Admissions Office will consider you for the traditional three-year program. You will not be asked to submit any additional documents or pay any additional fees.

13. May I opt of out the program any time after I begin?

Yes. If you choose to leave the two-year program and transfer into the three-year program or any of our part-time programs, you may do so. You and your advisor will discuss your options and evaluate how your earned credits and scholarship package will be affected. Decisions regarding retention of scholarships and financial aid will be made on a case by case basis.